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Deadlift Help

Whats goin on guys. My favorite is deadlifts and i was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to boost it up a little bit more. Current stats are

Age 19
Height 59
Weight 155
current deadlift 465 ( wanna tryy an hit 500)

diet is good eatin every 2 hours 6-7 meals a day
liftin for about 3 years
doin like a 5x5 routine and somtimes a pyramid or so of like 8 8 6 4 2 1…thanks

how often do you deadlift
wheres your weak point in the lift

post a video of your deadlift

deadliftin once a week. but thats the weird thing i dont really have a sticking point. i guess the only time i could think of is probably the middle of shin to bottom of knee. iv tried rack pulls before too

We need a bit more info like what kind of assistance work are you doing, what does the rest of your week look like, are you on any type of program, etc. . . A video would help as well.

Doing singles would help. If your doing 5x5 and pyramids your using a lot of energy for reps that you could be using for putting more weight on the bar.

hey got to say nice dead for someone 155 pounds. anyways have you ever looked into the westside barbell method? have you tried doing any type of dynamic effort things like speed pulls? plus u might want to try and train with the opposite stance of what you typically use and use accesory exercises for weakness like hamstrings or glutes.

i recommended checking out elitefts.com and check out a few articles by dave tate on here. also heavy goodmornings are good for the deadlift and your squat.

Try some new rep schemes or try using bands or chains.

Have you stopped making progress? I mean a 465 deadlift at 155 is more than respectful. If you’re making progress with your current program, well…if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

5x5 are rough on deadlifts. If anything I’d do triples, doubles and heavy singles with your current program. Not every week mind you, but mix them in there.

Post a vid of the DL, one of the 465 or in that range would be better since you are asking for help on achieving a heavy single (so ex:225 x a million wont show where youre sticking on a ME lift)

Yeah ima try to get a video up here next week somtime. Thatll prolly help alot more than me tryin to explain this shit lol