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Deadlift Help


I've been lifting for several years. I will be in my first meet in five weeks. I just finished an eight week cycle with a max deadlift of 450 (raw). I had a goal of 500 for the meet. I'm not sure if I will make it or not. I have a couple questions. First should I stsrt training with my suit at this point? Second, to get ready I was going to focus on doubles and triples. Any thoughts on this?


I think everyone would need a little more information to help you out. Are you only wearing a suit for deadlift? That is all you mentioned, do you plan on wearing a bench shirt, squat suit, knee wraps? Are you lifting single ply or multiply? If this is your first meet have you ever trained in a suit before or will this be your first time to put one on? Provide a little more information and I think amongst the guys here we can help you out.


I will be just deadlifting. I have not been training with my DL suit. I was planning on starting next week to get the feel of it.


If it's your first meet, why not just pull raw?

Otherwise, I'd have suggested you should have trained in it already. Training in gear is very individual. I took to pulling in a suit like a duck to water but other people have more difficulty and it changes how they do it. If the suit is tight and short in the straps, it's tough to get to the bar and can pull you out of position.


As far as training goes, if you have no gear experience you should've been training in your suit. With training, the 5/3/1 put 20lbs on all my lifts. I did a max lift, did the 5/3/1, did a new max the fifth week and saw the increase. My gear recommendations, if you haven't decided, would be the regular Titan DL suit or the Titan Velocity DL suit.

The reg Titan is good, I set a lot of records in it, but the Velocity suit is great. The Velocity has great pop off the floor. Then there's the Inzer Max DL suit which I did'nt care for. Now Inzer has the Fusion DL suit which I love. I pulled my first 700lb deadlift in it during my current training cycle. I'm expecting big things from it during the meet.


Here's the Inzer Fusion DL Suit in action...


Beastly deadlift. How much do you weigh if you don't mind me asking? How much weight did the suit put on?


My stats: 47 y/o, 6'2", 280lbs. My best lifts are a 804lb squat, 451lb bench press, 683lb competition, sumo deadlift. All geared. Raw stats are: 625lb squat, 385lb bench press, 675lb competition, conventional deadlift.

The suit was tested in the gym and I got 20lbs out of it but my lifts always go up by at least 30lbs in competition. My next meet is May 15th and if I get more than 20lbs out of it I'll let you know.


I would like to see a vid of your deadlift to visualize your form.

Putting on a suit at a competition that was not used prior, is ill advised. More of a sport specific thing and practice how you play. Wear it to train and even get a tighter one for competition I you like.

Many of us get stronger in the deadlift when we don't actually do it. For instance - I added 45lbs to my dead (760 to 805) when I learned of pull-throughs and stuck with consistent box squatting with bands and chains to really overload my weak points. Correct box squatting destroys my lower back (in a good way) and I stick to the dynamic/max training methodology (Westside/Elitefts)

The key is to find your weak points, fix them, and train for a solid core with perfect technique. Best of luck....



Here's the video I mentioned i would post... i got 36lbs out of the Fusion Inzer deadlift suit..


Good stuff! Your explosion from the bottom is kick ass. Are you utilizing chains or bands for your lock outs? (You have alot more in you)


I utilize chains often and I also increased the volume in my upper back work.