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Deadlift Help


Okay, it has been a while since I posted on T-Nation. I'm kind of out of the rythm. I'm 38 - will turn 39 in April. I'm wanting to lift in the USAPL masters raw meet in 2012. Quite frankly, I've given up on deadlifting, and seeing how that is 1/3 of what I have to do, that's no good.

When I DL, my back get so fatigued it messes with all my other training. The more I train, the lower my numbers go. I'm thinking it is a hip mobility deal, but I don't know. If tried sumo, no help. I do have a long torso. I've tried rack pulls and same thing.

My squat is fine, my bench if fine, I just can't DL and everytime I train, evertything goes in the toilet. Are we old folks just not meant to DL? Should, I just keep training my squat only and wing it for DL?

FWIW - I'm following Wendlers 5-3-1 with decent results.


I am also doing 5 3 1 and am 38. Maybe u just need to do less assistance on your dl day. My dl day is tuesday and wednesday I do cardio and abwork so I get a good rest before bench and assistance on thurs. It may help if u post your typical routine. Dl will surely drain u. All I do is dl reverse hypers and shrugs on dl day.


Old folks? Christ, you're only 38.

How often do you train your DL? Twice a month may suffice. Oftentimes, less is more.

What kind of assistance work do you do to strengthen your lower back?

Can you post a vid? Perhaps you've got some serious form issues that you're not aware of.

And unless you want to do bench only, you've got to do all three lifts in USAPL to compete.


I only pull from the floor about once every 3-4 weeks. In the past I have made progress even less frequently. You squat already trains your DL quite a bit, throw in some rack pulls, GMs, GHR, front squats, and lots of upper back work and your pull should increase without it beating the crap out of you.

Also, post vid.

Also, there are alternatives to the USAPL:)


Here's a total way out on a limb shot in the dark. How much work are you doing for your abs? I thought that I'd read somewhere recently that McGill was saying that his research consistently shows that people with back problems have strong backs and weak abs.

Just a thought.