Deadlift Help, Upper Back Rounding

Hey guys, I lifted in high school for a few years and took time off due to university. I decided to start lifting again back in January of this year (2017) and things have been going alright.
height: 6’
weight: 183 lbs
squat: 365 lbs
bench: 245 lbs
deadlift: 405 lbs
ohp: 175 lbs

Even back in highschool (I was stronger than I currently am) I always had a problem with my upper back rounding during deadlifts and I really just want to figure out what is making this happen. Do I have some sort of weakness somewhere? Is upper back rounding even that bad? Can someone help?

Nope. However, if you round the upperback, you want to start with a rounded upper back, rather than rounding it in the middle of the lift. That is how I like to pull

That said, you could build some upper back stength by training the eccentric on the dead rather than dropping it. Will pay off in a meet too.

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Is my upper back rounding much more excessive than yours? In my opinion your back looks relatively straight in comparison to mine. Is this just because I’m pretty skinny?

The next day I deadlift I am going to try starting with a rounded upper back and take another video to get it checked again. Thanks!

edit: I actually paused each of our videos and measured the approximate angle of bend in each of our torsos and we both reach a maximum bend at approximately 40 degrees.

Try front squats and Safety squat bar if have access to one.

Kroc rows and heavy rear delt/lower trap work will be of secondary benefit also



There’s a good article on the website Breaking Muscle titled “What We Mortals Can Learn from Eddie Hall’s 500kg Deadlift” which covers this nicely.