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Deadlift Help Thanks

Hey, little over a month or two ago I posted asking for some help with my deadlift, I had been stuck at 495 for a LOONNNGGG time, 10 consecutive attempts at it actually.

Well, apwsearch, pitt, and whispering hawk tossed me some advice, and today I smoked it, went for 515 and it stayed on floor, but damnit Im happy nonetheless. Not a huge announcement, but just figured I’d give thanks where they were due. Now with a little more help from T-Nation (this recent deadlift article), its time for the road to 550 and beyond.

Don’t forget the collars. If you’re using the regulation 2.5lb collars then that’s an even 500 you pulled.

The road to 590 is a much more difficult one. :slight_smile: Good luck.