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Deadlift Help Please


I pulled 200kg (440lb) on Friday, and although I was happy I felt my form was off. Looking at the video and previous PR videos of myself this tends to happen (I do conventional deads):

  • I start my pull with quad/hip position similar to a half squat
  • The weight doesn't budge off the ground until my hips raise to making the knee angle similar to a quarter squat. This causes greater bending at the hips.

Ideally I'd like to keep a more upright posture but am wondering if this is just the way my body lifts due to my leverages?

Here's a vid of me doing 200kg 6 months ago, I'll try to upload the new one soon - it's side on and better quality.

I have a meet in 8 weeks, trying to qualify for nationals



What's wrong with conventional deads...?

Points 2 and 3 seem to be the same problem. Hips rising too fast just says to me that you need to take a small bit of weight off the bar and really concentrate on keeping your quad and hip drive together.
Just my 2 cents.


there didnt seem to be much of a difference in how fast your hips came up versus how fast the bar came up. and honestly, i think of DLs as pulling up and back rather than squatting the bar up. and if you consider it to be a legging up of the weight, can you half squat more than you can quarter squat?


Looks very similar to mine but my back is straighter. I get out of the whole with higher hips like you, but on less weight it's less of an issue.

Get stronger bro!



Your form looks good to me. Personally, I belive an upright posture does not help a deadlift. Keep your lower/mid back tight, get a big belly of air and slump your shoulders down and forward. This trick makes your arms 2-4 inches "longer" versus keeping a tight upper back. Once you get the bar over your knees, you just shove your hips underneath your shoulders.


Uhm, that looked pretty good to me. Nice job.


looks fine


bump. thanks so far. just added the vid from last week. any new thoughts?


Looks decent to me.. again like other guys who have commented, so long as your upper/mid back are tight you are doing alright. But I am a bit of a "back" puller anyways, my hips are always a bit high, I don't squat the weight up.

Just an observation... I noticed you are using a double overhand grip. Personally, whenever a lift a weight double overhand, I tend to stiff leg the weight more. Maybe it is just me. Pulling with a mixed grip, I feel, avoids that problem for me. Again, just my experience, maybe it's just me, but maybe something to try, if you feel like your hips come up to fast, and are stiff legging a bit much.


It looks to me like you are letting your chest drop, hence letting your weight fall forward a bit. You can see this at the :03 mark of the updated video; it appears your chest dips down a bit before the bar comes off the floor. Concentrate on keeping your weight on your heels and pushing through the floor in addition to keeping your chest up as you pull the bar. I used to have this problem until my training partner build us a GHR machine, which has seemed to help my form a lot.


Is your max still 440? If so, it looks like youve been stuck at this for 6months. It might be time to try something different.

How often do you deadlift?
Are you doing speed pulls?
What is your squat max?
Are you training abs directly?


A weight that is too heavy for a double-overhand grip sends proprioceptive feedback to the brain telling it that the weight is too heavy, and the body can't lift what it's being told is too heavy.
Switching to the over/under grip for my heavy deadlift sets really helped my form overall.

I think the DL in both videos look fine OP, but if you feel like it could be better you might try the mixed grip.