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Deadlift Hands


My hands look absolutely destroyed after tonight's deadlifting session. I use chalk, but wow, this is getting pretty bad...Anyone have any tips for reducing the damage?


Those dont look bad at all thats normal wear and tear. i was expecting some torn hands etc.

Really no keep them clean stay on top of the calluses, use lotion and get a dog ass strong grip. The stronger your grip the less slip the less tearing



A lot of that looks like chalk residue but yeah its going to happen. W/e I like the manly rough hands, instead of soft girly hands.


trust me, my hands are worse from OL.

that being said the things I've been doing to reduce the tearing is this:
I file my callus's down almost nightly. If they build up, for me at least, I'll lose one or more and then my hand is destroyed for at least a good week. No good.

Moisterizer (fuck I can't spell). Chalk drys ur hand out. Moisten it.

I also use straps for any extra pulling I do. Even using them I ripped open my right hand today.


I managed this weird callous/bruise/blister thing the other day. Didn't hurt then the whole thing peeled off a week later.


Damn. It looks like you've been giving handjobs to the Sandpaper Monster.

File them suckers down and moisturize.


As someone mentioned you havn't torn any calluses so it dosn't look too bad. Whats your deadlift frequency and what other lifts do you do that can tear up the hand, ie oly lifts. If I do some form of daedlifting x2 per week I'll loose a callus or 2 every otehr week. If I pin pull from the knees I'll def loose a callus!

Is it hot wear you train? When I trained in a tropical climat my hands were worse because the large volumes of sweat made my skin soft. I often had to do some preventive tapping as calluses that tore or flaked of never healed 100%

If there are not hurting and stopping you lift don't wory. I just tape up any torn calluses. As long as they havn't bled they normally don't hurt too much.

If calluses get hard you can always file them down to help prevent tearing


a little maintenance goes a long way

first of all, they're probably bad partially Because you use chalk

second, if you constantly file them down (i use one of those foot sander things, the rough side, and then i might finish with the smoother side after) and moisturize frequently, after time you'll almost Never have a problem, either big callouses or blisters (as long as you're lifting frequently enough to keep everything strong and taking care of them to keep them from getting too big or out of hand


I use a single edge razor blade to keep my hand callouses trim and smooth. Just shave off thin layers, but leave a little for a "base". It takes some practice, but once you perfect the technique, you'll never file again.

Don't let the callous build up too high, like in your photo. This is when they rip off and bleed, and you'll have to start all over again.

Between lifting and playing with flat wound metal strings, my hands are never soft. But I need some hard skin to do what I do.


I have found that chalk actually helps. I believe that the reason for this is because the bar is less likely to slid in your hands when they are chalked up. I also think that the chalk toughens them up a bit.

I do agree that they require a little maintenance. Sometime I use my girlfriends stone thing. I forget what it is called, but it is probably the same thing the as the foot sander thing.

Actually, the only reason I started doing this was to stop scratching her with my pointy callouses. It is a coincidence that it also had another benefit. More often then not, I use piece of fine grain sandpaper. As long as you don't let them get too big and chunky you should be good to go.

Callous maturity also help. Before my entire hand was a callous, I used to tear the ones at the base of my hand often.

I also agree with Phill on the grip thing. As my grip has got stronger I tend to tear them much less.


Eh? Whats wrong with your hands? Just look like they have actually done some work. Get a small cheese grader and file your calluses down. I do this almost daily, sometimes in between events at a comp even.


File down calluses with pummus stone. Or whatever it's called.


Chalk will dry the skin out a lot and be prone to tearing, but if your grip isn't slipping on a deadlift then it don't matter anyhow. But if you do any OL lifts, like a clean where your hand/bar rotates, then chalk no matter what will start to help rip off callus's.

I made the mistake of filing them down all the way to nothing and then they all ripped.

Its called a pumis stone. I went to a dollar store and got this brush thingy that has a pumis stone, emery board, and something like a cheese grater thingy on it, as well as a brush to clean the area off.

Moisterizor is golden.


after deadlifting consistently for years my caluses got so tough that only the outer parts of them tear off. They're alot smoother on the outside but they extend deep and are very tough. I've had my nasty share of bloody hands from doing deadlifts in the past, but I haven't bled in a long time from them. I used to get nosebleeds too. That seemed to stop as well.