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Deadlift Hand Positioning


Do most of you place your hands outside or inside of the knee when deadlifting? I find myself with my middle fingers on the rings of the olympic bar when setting up.


Depends on which stance you pull in. If you pull sumo, then your hands will be inside your knees. If you pull conventional, then you hands will be outside. It's mostly a matter of personal preference depending on which style you pull in.



Fingers on the rings is probably way too wide. If you saw your set-up in a mirror the arms should be close to vertical (don't pull looking in the mirror though). Regardless of arms inside or outside the knees you are too wide.


Never seen anyone pull with fingers on the rings!


Snatch-grip deadlifts?


Have you ever seen someone do a snatch grip DL in a meet?


The OP makes no mention that the question is meet related. If it is; then the point where your arms are hanging straight down would be the proper placement; regarless of style used.


Sure, snatch grip. But I was thinking competitive PLing.


im going to assume he meant the "rings" as in where the smooth in the middle starts. otherwise that would be ridiculous


I use over/under with my left hand palm down and right hand up... and brought my hands in closer to my thighs and along with my training it brought my numbers up...


I used to deadlift with my pinkies on the rings. Now I have a closer stance and closer grip, with my hands just outside the smooth part of the center of the bar.

How I used to deadlift:

How I deadlift now:

I feel like I can still get a narrower stance and grip, which will help with my leverage and shorten the ROM a bit.


Yes. You can move in a bit further with no problems man.