Deadlift grips

I was just wondering as far as from as BB perspective, what is the difference between doing a close grip DL and a wide grip DL.

What do you mean “close grip” DL? What would be considered a “close grip”? If you mean your hands will be placed near the center of the bar? That’s pretty insane, IMO. What would be the benefit of performing “close grip” deads?

As for wide grip, you’re probably referring to a “snatch grip”. That would hit the back really good.

Snatch grip deadlifts will activate the hamstrings more, due to the greater forward trunk angle as compared to normal DL’s. And it puts more stress on the trapezius. In BB terms bigger hammies and traps!

I would guess if your doing a "close grip"deadlift your probably useing a sumo stance.The closer your hands are to each other the less distance you have to pull.Most deadlifters are at somewhat at a shoulders width grip sometimes a little closer sometimes a little wider.I see little reason for a close grip deadlift meaning hands almost touching.

your arms extend farthest when they’re straight down at shoulder width, lessening the ROM. i personally don’t like snatch grip deads because grip is my limiting factor on those.

If you’re talking about sumo vs. conventional…

Conventional deadlifts are done with the hands wider than the knees (more lower back). Sumo deadlifts are done with the knees wider than the hands (more glutes). Depending on your body-type, you will probably be able to do more weight one way over the other. Whichever you can use more weight on will obviously hit your upper back and forearms better.

Snatch grip deadlifts are conventional deadlifts done with a very wide grip. They really hit the upper back, but you can’t use as much weight.

you are going to get different result from diffrent grips. Sure more hammie and rhomboid/trap activation with a snatch grip but also a lower load. conversly more load and less ROM with sumo style deads. Mix it up and see what you like. You can obviously change ROM by doing rack puls and using a box to stand on.