Deadlift Grip

Been using a regular pronated grip for the deadlift for a few weeks after reading CW recommends this to avoid bicep tears.Problem is,I can do bugger all weight before my grip gives out.

Did rack pulls today and my grip failed at 120 kgx10,long before I could even feel it in my legs and back.


Use the grip seen here

You will need to build up slowly but will never have a grip problem again.

My grip is terrible right now, but I’m working on it.

I would say that you should use straps and/or a mixed grip on any sets that you feel like your grip might fail on.

Then you can work on training your grip on another day where you don’t need your grip as much (like an upper body push day).

That way your grip weakness won’t hold you back from progressing with deads or other grip using exersises.

Thanks.I’ll try it.

How does this affect how the forearms are being worked?

Never use straps - you are just limiting your weak link. Bring up the grip and you’ll improve overall neural firing.

By not using straps, you are saccrificing gains elsewhere because of the grip.

Why make the rest of your body lose strength and size to get to the level of your grip when you can work on your grip seperatley and bring your grip up to the level of the rest of your lifts?

I was having grip problems on my deads, so I

  1. Bought chalk
  2. Bought grippers
  3. Bought a “stress ball”
  4. Used the grippers and stress ball on any day that didn’t involve either deadlifting or pullups (where grip was a “major” issue).
  5. Added more farmers walks on off days and after workouts.
  6. Did super maximal holds (is that right?)

Within a week (I was on ABBH) my grip was not an issue on my deads anymore. I know that sounds crazy, but it helped me that much.

note: with the grippers, I would do 5 or so “reps” then hold for an extended count.


Look into using the hook hands grip. Basically, wrap your thumb around the bar, then close your fingers over your thumb. When done properly, the bar should rest on pad of your thumb. I’ve seen several top deadlifters (Brad Gillingham among others) use this technique.

I’m currently doing ABBH2.

Gonna throw in some farmer’s walks and barbell holds as suggested!Practice the thumb grip as well.Straps aren’t an option,neither are gloves.Just don’t swing that way.

I never use straps or gloves, just chalk and never have a problem with grip.

If you are limited by your grip then you are limited - get a grip!

[quote]honkie wrote:
I never use straps or gloves, just chalk and never have a problem with grip.

If you are limited by your grip then you are limited - get a grip![/quote]

HOOK GRIP! really, it will help add a little bit to your gripping strength, it does take some getting used to, but it should help.

Also, if your grip is a limiting factor… TRAIN YOUR GRIP!

Go get a tennis ball and squeeze that sucker a couple hundred times per day with both hands, before long you’ll look like pop-eye

Another thing I found useful for grip are chins/pullups with different thickness of bars - A killer to start with but will improve quickly as well as provide a great neural component.

Add wheelbarrow push and pull to your GPP. Wheelbarrow handles are like using a fat-bar. Load up with 300-400# and move that sucker for 5-10 minutes.