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Deadlift Grip

dwain…i do not condone anti-semitic behaviour in any way, shape or form. racism is a crutch for weak minded individuals. if you are offended then i apologize…if the general consensus of fellow t-maggers is that they find my avatar offensive, then i will gladly change it.

however, you could have been somewhat more diplomatic and PM’ed me with your concerns/objections. and the personal attack on my upbringing and such is pure verbal diarrhea. now both of us are offended…

truth hurts mate

[quote]dwain wrote:
truth hurts mate[/quote]

thats assinine…pure conjecture and assumptions. since you have chosen to try and belittle my character based solely on an internet avatar picture, i am only able to conclude that you sir are an ignorant assclown.

now that i am convinced of this, i will simply consider the source when your comments/reply appears.

on the flip side, it would be 100% accurate/fair to say that one could assume such things about me or anyone else who sported a similar avatar. i am able to comprehend that fact, and have duly apologized for my oversight, as no offense was intended.

that is all.

Back on topic: I too love to deadlift and attempt to pull using the pronated grip without straps or hooks.

I have improved grip strength by including grip intensive exercises as much as possible even when not specifically training the forearms. For example, antagonist training the legs with dumbell lunges and romanian deadlift for 3 sets of 15 will set your forearms on fire.