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Deadlift Grip


When I lift I use left hand over, right hand under. I am right handed, so, this is the opposite of most people. I am pretty comfortable lifting like this. Is there any reason to switch? From what I have read, it is pretty much preference. That most people have their non dexterous hand under. But other than preferences, does it matter in any way?


I wouldn't see a reason to switch, unless your stronger the other way. I just recently started back, and my grip sucks, so I have been doing all my sets up and down with double overhand, except for main lift. This seems to help with my grip strength, but it feels rewal weird, anyway if somthings working, I would stick with it. 2cents


I've known a few people that develop muscle imbalances from gripping the same way everytime they train. I honestly use double overhand with straps whenever I train. Only time I go mixed grip is in competition.


I trained for years left over/right under and started developing a list to the supinated side on heavy singles. Now I mostly train hook grip but will periodically do mixed and alternate. Something I found interesting is that when I used mix grip opposite to what I felt was natural, the bar seem to come up faster.


Alternate grips each set.


I'm no expert but, Jim Wendler, Dave Tate, Ed Coan all say to stay with the grip that works for you, muscle imbalances are in your head, I do think with rep work a double over hand is best, but thats for grip work. When it comes to PLing use whatever moves the most weight.


I'm the same; right handed, grip with left over and right under. I don't see a problem with it.


I think most people supinate the dominant hand. So that would make you normal. It's what feels more natural to me although I try to stay double overhand as much as possible in training.