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Deadlift Grip

I’m currently doing the 5/3/1 for beginners that was in the Jim Wendler article. It looks something like day 1: 5/3/1 squat, light bench, backraises, pullups and dips. day 2: deadlift 5/3/1 mil 5/3/1 same accessory. day 3: 5/3/1 bench light squat same accessory. I try to get in a 100 dips, pull ups and backraises each week usually 30 reps of each every workout.

Today was deadlift worked up to 315 for 5, but my grip shit out thinking of subbing in dumbbell or barbell rows 3 sets of 10 to try to bring up my grip a little. 315 was very light otherwise could have gone for 8-10 I think. I also use chalk so I’m pretty sure my grip is just weak. My chins are also pretty weak usually do 3 sets of 5 than 4 sets of 4 so its not helping my grip much.

Any suggestions?


for grip?

kroc rows did the shit for me

and barbell shrugs for reps

and… Deadlifting

and chalk. Plus I just started using hook grip, but I only did that for symmetry, not so grip left the equation.

There is literally a thread with the exact same name still on the first page. Do a quick check for your topic before starting a new one:

I thought I was just having some weird deja vu.

Kroc rows and NO hooks or equipment. Helped me put 70# on my deadlift in 6 months with NO injuries either.
Rather grow slow and consistent than be injured at my age 40+.