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Deadlift Grip


Recentley i've made some decent gains with the deadlift but i'm getting to the point where my grip is holding me back. I'd rather not use straps so could anyone reccomend ways to improve my grippage?




Also, do farmers carries and rope curls on a cable machine, etc.


Mixed grip.

Do DL for reps as well helps to build up grip I find.


Grippers work to help DL grip if you use them right, but you may not have access to them (the good ones are kinda pricey)

Squat rack or power rack can be of use, too. Load up a barbell and do static holds with a double-overhand grip for 10sec with as much weight as you can handle. Set the pins up just barely below lockout. A loading pin, piece of chain, and a revolving single rowing handle works, too.

And then there's always Kroc rows...



i did that to help my grip, but i just held on as long as i could. your forearms will get real tired real quick.


I take a look at all the bars at my gym, and grab the one that is thickest and newest, as it's typically much easier to grip.

WARNING: with this method you may have to steal a bar with 95lbs on it from the frat boys on the bench press while they are chatting up their bros.


I don't know what people have against the occasional strap usage.

Nothing wrong with them when used sparingly.

But as far as increasing grip goes, check out Fat Gripz, they're humbling.

Also, towel chin-ups, grippers (CoC for the win), and if you're feelin' frisky you can try using your straps to IMPROVE your grip.

Lemme 'splain: you loop the parts of the straps that your wrists are supposed to go through over the chin up bar then you grab hold of the part of the strap that you're supposed to wrap around the bar and you do pullups while supporting yourself on the straps.


Whoa. . . that's like, irony.


Use less fingers and just hold the bar (or do shrugs). Start with 2 fingers, get to max weight you can hold for a short period. Add a finger, get to max weight etc. Then progress from double overhand to clean to over-under grip. This will totally blast your forearms.


I'd start with chalk and a supinated grip, that alone made a world of difference for me. Then start with deadlifts for reps, farmers walks, and kroc rows.


Heavy deadlifting with a double-supinated grip is a good way to tear a biceps tendon.


I actually meant to alternate one hand overhand and one hand suppinated. I can see where it could lead to bicep tears but assuming your doing some bicep work on the side I think most people are alright. Perhaps Jay is right tho, so if you take my advice start with alittle bit lighter weight and see how it feels, if it's straining your bicep and you feel uncomfortable don't continue to lift that way.