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Deadlift Grip?


From watching deadlift technique videos, it looks like most of the big lifts are done with a mixed grip. But what do you guys use for training?

Mixed seems to make the lift easier because you don't have the bar trying to roll out of your grip. But do any of you train with an overhand or underhand grip simply because it is more difficult and works out your grip more?

Also, do any of you switch the position of your mixed grips each set for balance?



Always switch each set. Usually do warm-up with a normal grip, never thought of doing a normal grip to improve grip strength. Might try that if anyone else says it helps.


How about going heavy as you can until your grip strength gives out. Then strapping up until you reach muscle faliure. I'm not one to let my grip strength limit the strength and size gains of the muscles in my body. Again this is a BB forum.

Also if you're doing high reps, I would advise against doing mixed grip cause it does place a bit more stress on the arm that's supinated. Bicep is at a bigger risk of tearing. Just my opinion.

If you can't get 300 cause of grip issues. Then strap up and blow past that by 50-100 lbs. Guarantee when you go back to 300 strap less your grip will improve substantially.


Overhand until it becomes hard, then mixed with "wrong side",then mixed with your good side, then straps/hooks if it's a necessity.

Underhand is asking for a biceps tear big time. I'ts ok on a BB Bent-over row because the different angle.

Edit: this topic makes more sense than Daniel Craig.


Overhand always for me. Cant do a mixed grip- everytime I do the arm with the palm facing out feels like crap for a few days.


Any of yall use the hook/lock grip?


Yeahp. I've developed a permanent purple-ish area on my thumbs because of this.


I do overhand on my higher rep sets (5+) it helps me keep pulling though my lats a lot more and definitly conditions my "vise" grip. Underhand sucks because of bicep tear risk, (unless u got the Looong sergio olivia biceps).and On the note of my heavy singles through heavy quadruples. I do em overhand with straps or raw with a mixed grip. I never change the mixed style, i always do left underhand, should I mix em? probaly, but after years of "dead" work I still have symmetrical forearm strength and size.
This was just 2cents


Changing mixed grip is mainly to give your underhand a little rest since it's pretty stress full. I think the bicep tear has more chance to happen if you're one of those guys trying to curl the bar as they pull, putting a LOT of stress on the underhand bicep.


I can't supinate my right hand more than about 45 degrees, so I cant swap grips. I just stick with Right over, Left under.


I did overhand grip until my deadlifts were limited by my grip strength, then I switched to mixed grip. I think mixed grip is better than straps, because you're still working your grip strength but you can hit your other muscles hard.


It depends dude, for stretch and legs dependant deadlifts, i use a pronated grip (romanians and other defeceit deadlifts)

but for traditional deadlifts from the floor i use mixed ESPECIALLY on days where its low reps high % of max lifts. Hooks too.


I'll use overhand grip until my grip becomes the limiting factor (so in warm-ups) but then I chalk it up and go with the mixed grip. I've used straps and they're alright, but I don't like messing around with them before a big deadlift.

Plus I think my body feels the 'grove' better with the mixed grip than double overhand. Feels way more natural to walk up the bar and as they say, "dip, grip and rip."


cant beat the curl grip in my opinion

i mean the bicep stretch is awesome and it trains the wrists for actual everyday lifting



double overhand for warmups.

working sets get a mixed grip.

I train my grip afterwards when I do shrugs. If you can shrug 100 lbs over your deadlift max your grip won't limit you. shrugs have a great carryover to the deadlift.


I don't think others will agree with this, as the risk of injury is rather high. To each their own


Is this only a risk if you can't straighten your arm all the way, or does the deadlift pull your joints and tendons enough that it can tear a bicep anyway? I'm just curious because I can't figure out how that would tear a bicep unless you wer trying to curl the thing.


i used to do the mixed grip until my grip strength started limiting how much weight i could use on pulling movements.

I just started using straps not to long ago and i love it, i can get about 20-30 more pounds on most of my pulling movements.

besides when im training back i want to train my back, im not worried about the growth of my forearms i can do some direct work for that.


Good advice, I go double overhand and can ramp up to 315 for five -- my grip gives out around there. I'll have to try strapping up and see how much I can reach, I imagine I can do excess of twice my bodyweight.


I go left under and right over, I always have. I'm yet to develop an imbalance like some people say the mixed grip will give you.