Deadlift grip preference

From what I’ve read, everybody here loves to DL;

What are the preferred grip styles that help and work for you ?

I’m sort of in love with an alternating mixed grip at my higher loads but I’ve heard various camps debating this… Can anyone shed some light on this ?

Also, do you guys use any aids ? I avoid lifting straps since I don’t like going “down” with the weight if I blow the lift… for me chalk works fine… until the calluses rip off… Ouch…

I like using a hook grip, but thats because Im into olympic lifts.

I just use a regular overhand grip, no chalk or straps. I never had grip troubles yet, but it’s probably because my deadlift is still “tiny” or my constant “wake up” workout.

no straps, no chalk
alternating grip
change it up every set too (left over/right under, then vice versa)

i got good to 495 w/o training grip specifically

now training grip to bust over 500 consistently, overhand max weight bb holds for 5 secs

Clean grip hooked :slight_smile:

i use over hand grip up until about 3-4RM them go with an alt grip. use chalk for anything remotely heavy as we have Chromed bars at our gym. Sure they look cool, but they may as well be covered in KY. very annoying.

as for straps. totally gay…
i would only use them for maybe some weird supra max lifting or heavy shrugs (cant remebr last time i did shrugs but hey…)
people who bring them to the gym for every session are just pussies

I’ll use a mixed grip sometimes, but now I usually just use an over/over grip with straps. It doesn’t matter too much for me though, as I would never lose a deadlift due to my grip giving out.

I use straps on heavy dimel’s, snatch grip stuff, and shrugs.

When I lift heavy enough for the grip to be the limiting factor…YES I use straps.

DL:ing I use an overhand grip and have to use straps.

Have to, because I got stabbed many years ago and got a nerve and the triceps cut, have almost no strength whatsoever in my left hands pinky and ringfinger.

I use a clean grip hook as well. Like goldberg I use straps for heavy snatch grip pulls, but also use them for higher (5-10) rep sets.

Whetu-You calling me gay!?!?! :slight_smile:

i alternate as well, it works well and i actually have now got a stronger grip, i do half the sets with left over/right under and then the other with left under/right over

Lotta chalk + hook and/or mixed…depending on mood.

Mixed grip. I’m working on the hook grip.

Regular overhand grip. I haven’t learned how to do alternate grip the right way yet. The problem is my “under” hand doesn’t fully extend. Not sure why. And I do have grip troubles for reps over 5 @ 315.

fortunately Sully you have proved your total lack of gayness, so are excused…
I stand by my gay comment however as i am a former strap user… sigh…havent used them in so long they are now mouldy.
i feel i am now reformed.


Heavy Dimels? I thought Dimels were generally supposed to be done with about 30% of your 1RM?

I don’t DL or SQ any more (L5-S1 disc problem)I wish I could. When I was doing them I’d use an alternating gip, L hand palm fwd R hand palm rearwards. I used to shrug (powerack) using straps. But after struggling with grip on max DL, I started shrugging with alternate grip. After a couple of years DL max was up to 255kg (562lb) in competition @ 260lb bwt. Shrugs went up to 310kg (683lb)for 5 reps.
Did this contribute to my back problem? I don’t think so, but it’s hard to say for sure.
Old Dax

I would agree that using straps on the deadlift as a rule would be detrimental to training. I too have never failed on a lift due to poor grip.

Chalk seems to do the trick for me, even on higher rep sets. Oh, and mixed grip.