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Deadlift Grip Failing Me

My deadlift has stalled because of my grip. I’ve attempted using the hook grip, but it smashes my thumb. I think I have oddly sized fingers, haha. I don’t know, but it hurts just as much, but differently, as doing the standard grip.

I’ve tried using a supinated/pronated grip which seems to work ok.

My main question is, what can I do to strengthen my grip to help pull more weight?


Use straps for now.

After your deadlift workout, take some weight off the bar, the pull a double overhand rep. Hold for time. Once you can hold it for 90 seconds, up the weight.


Fantastic, man. Such a simple idea and it sounds perfectly effective.

I’ve also had grip issues with the deadlift. Suitcase holds with a barbell are pretty good. Ed Coan used to do them for grip. Good news is, at least for me, nothing else builds as fast as grip strength.

Just to throw my idea out there. Dead hangs on the pull up bar.
Good after a deadlift work also as it stretches the back out AND improves grip.


Both great ideas, thank you!

I agree with what everyone else has said. One exercise I’d add is pretty much a rack pull. Set the safety pins and barbell right above the knee or a little higher. You want it so that you grab the bar and barely have to move to lock out at the top. This is great to do with a really heavy weight for as long as possible but I’d say no more than 30 seconds and then right afterwards do dead hangs with just body weight.

Great idea, thank you. This actually works perfect with my safety spotter arms I have, perfect height for this.