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Deadlift Grip Comparisons

I am wondering how others Overhand grip compares to their Mixed grip in conventional deadlift, no wraps. My mixed is about 20% stronger. I know it is common for mixed to be stronger, but is this difference normal? I also know that I need to keep getting my overhand grip stronger so I am working on that. Thanks for the advice!

Nobody deadlifts with a double overhand grip. Mixed grip or hook grip.

Thibaudeau and Wendler both advocate doing all your sub-max sets with an overhand grip, which is why I am even concerned about it. Both have said that too much mixed grip can cause imbalances which I also want to avoid.

If you’re really concerned about imbalances, then hook grip. Come on over to the dark side.


Guys, thanks but I’m not really interested in the hook grip at the moment. I’m purposely using the overhand grip to build grip strength. I’d really just like to know if 20% is about what other guys increase using the mixed grip or what.

If you’re worried about imbalances then switch your hands on each set for mixed grip (you can use whichever is stronger for heavier stuff) or use straps. I used to try and go as heavy as possible on warmups with an overhand grip but what I found is that it was throwing off my technique, if your grip doesn’t feel secure then the rest of your muscles won’t work the way you want them to.

Then ask Thibaudeau and Wendler what to do. I don’t know of any competitive powerlifters doing work sets with double overhand.

Can Benedikt Magnusson and Andy Bolton pull 800+ with double overhand? I doubt it.


I can double over hand 190kg or mixed grip 250kg so around 75% for me.

If you’re worried about imbalances, alternate mixed grip every other set. If your grip sucks, do grip specific work. If you try to build your grip and deadlift at the same time by doing double over, you’ll stay mediocre at both. Some parable about serving two masters comes to mind…

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But to specifically answer your question, yes it’s normal for double over to be much weaker than alt.

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I’ve never attempted more than 315 with double overhand because I basically got it to the top and she was ready to come out so anything more probably wouldn’t have went. Mixed grip my best conventional was 525.

I do think its a great way to work on your grip strength and keeping you more symmetrical during the lift than a mixed grip will give you. However, if you plan on competing, a hook grip is best imo if you can stand it. Otherwise, mixed grip is the other way to move big weight.

For most people their mixed is going to be significantly stronger than their double over hand.

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Thank you to the folks who actually answered the question I asked.

Never said I was a competitive powerlifter. I just said that experts completely advocate what I am doing. I don’t want to know what Jim Wendler or Christian Thibaudeau can do overhand vs mixed because that would be a sample size of 2 people, albeit 2 people much more educated than yourself. I was trying to get a poll of sorts from guys that consider themselves powerlifters. I guess I should have used smaller words.

“Discuss competitive powerlifting, ask about the best methods for building strength in the big three, and get advice for training up to your next meet.”

Straight from the “About the powerlifting category” description. If you post in here, we’re going to assume you’re talking competitive powerlifting, so we’re going to offer feedback accordingly. Don’t insult people’s intelligence because they assumed you’re following the status quo of the forum.


Ask dumb questions, get dumb answers.

Other experts say the complete opposite.

Stupid question. My best pull is 628 lbs, best double overhand is 396 lbs. So maybe around 60 per cent.

I also don’t recall Wendler ever recommending using double overhand for anything other than deloads if you wanted to.

If you train deadlift double overhand exclusively, you’ll get better and deadlifting double overhand but wont get much better at deadlifts. Train your grip if you need to, but unless it’s shockingly bad I wouldn’t waste time on it. My grip strength is pretty poor and I haven’t ever had an issue holding onto a deadlift in meet.

If you’re not a powerlfiter, then you can do whatever the hell you want. Straps, overhand, no deadlifts at all, it doesn’t matter.

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Did I miss something? What got the op so bent out of shape?

It took me 5 years of lifting to realize this lol. If I deadlift twice a week: one day is straps/mixed. the other day is double overhand. Seems to work well.

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Low T


Lol :smirk:

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