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Deadlift/Good Morning Form Check


is this bad back round? my back feels fine, just the muscles there feel sore.

i've been watchin some deadlift videos, most people's knees/shins seem to be a lot more vertical than mine. my buddy says my grip is a like a snatch grip (exaggeration of course) but i'll get a vid of the front next time.

i think the good mornings are good, no?


You have a small amount of rounding that obviously increases as you get more fatigued, but your pulls are overall very good. It’s not anything that couldn’t be fixed with a little more attention paid to arching and some time.

I’m not too knowledgeable about GMs so I’ll skip that.

Keep up the training!


GM’s look really solid. I am curious what your back does on deadlifts when you pull heavier for fewer reps.


everything looks good to me.


The DL’s look pretty good. One thing that has helped me with trying to keep a neutral spine during the DL is contracting the lats before you start the pull. As far as the GM’s go, try to keep from bending the knees as much. It’s okay to allow the knees to bend slightly, but think more about pushing the hips back instead of bending the knees. You get more of a stretch in the hammies.


heavier probably looks like those ending reps.

can you tell me when the knee bend is coming?

is this ‘low back round’? my buddy told me this is low back, but i cant really tell if this is low back or mid back. heh


[quote]kickureface wrote:

can you tell me when the knee bend is coming?


The knees can bend throughout the exercise,just not to quite the extent shown in your vid. Think of it as your trying to push your hips back into a wall. As soon as you touch the wall(you can’t push your hips back further) don’t allow the knees to keep bending.


bump on deadlift and gm


Hi there,

Cool vids,
Deadlift technique generally good. Yeah, a bit of flexion around T12-L1 but nothing I’d cry about.

Good mornings are supposed to be a relatively controlled movement, primarily based on flexion about an axis through your hip joint. This way the hamstrings will eccentrically work to control the posterior pelvic tilt as you flex forward. On the way back up, your lumbar extensors will work concentrically to bring you back to vertical. What you are doing is too similar to a squat.

I would look to substantially reduce the knee flexion which you are using throughout the movement, and focus on imagining a stick through your hip joints that you are pivoting around. As suggested above, push your bum back a bit before initiating the downward movement and maintain a neutral spine throughout. Very partial knee flexion should be used as a brace for the movement, it shouldn’t be the exercise itself.

You will probably have to reduce the absolute load, but don’t worry, doing it like this will get your hammies and low back more :slight_smile:

Looking good and strong though!! Good stuff.


Drop your rear more and look at the ceiling so your back keeps from rolling on the pulls, and on a different note… that’s not a good morning, or is it a squat that looks like a good morning… at any rate, keep the bar high like you were doing a high-bar squat and bend forward more with your back while keeping your legs just short of locking out. Envision a stiff-legged deadlift but with the wieght on your traps rather than on the floor.

Personally I’d just do partials on deadlifts because like it or not your lower back gets worked a whole hell of a lot on partials and you’ll recruit maximum muscle fibers without the dangers of isolating something like your lowerback.


Goodmornings were good slight rounding on the deadlifts…but way to many reps;cut them down to like 4x4 or do the same weight 4x4 and just focus on form.Its proper hernia material I put a whole months wages you could feel the build up in the stomach/abs if you didnt your bullshitin.
Doing well.