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Deadlift Going Down


This is probably goin to sound dumb but my deadlift is going down I bench 380 Squat 405 I use to max 455 dead I could rep 435 no belt raw,now I can barely get 390 up.Has this happened to anyone I'm doing 5/3/1 I'm improving but my deads got worse before id do heavy triples ,doubles and singles when I switched to 5/3/1,nowI was going to change it up Again and I find out I can't dead shit I'm fuckin bugged out that's all I care about .

I can't even hit 405 ,any advice would be really helpful. I just turned 40 my girls a r.n she telling me I'm to old now I think that's fuckin bullshit,the only other thing is all I do is read up on deading watch videos and constantly. Study up I think I lost what was working for me also the small of my back kills me so I figure my ass is to high make the correction ass between shoulders and knee pull with legs,another thing I fucked up my leg squating bad fell on the ground screaming didn't squat for 6 weeks but when I dead I don't feel any pain in my leg.

Do u think that could be the problem ?? Any help would be appreciated.


before you switched to 5/3/1 how often where you deadlifting? And when you went to 5/3/1 did you go for max reps on the last set or just stick with the required reps. You could try taking a few weeks off from deadlifting and then when you go back just bring the weight down a lot.


How long ago were you repping 435? If you havent been lifting for a while it takes awhile to gain your strength back. Also have you changed your diet? I leaned out a bit after xmas this year and cut my carbs way back, I lost weight but my strength tanked as well.


If you went 6 weeks without squatting you might have lost some leg drive strength. What was more of a struggle: breaking 455 off the floor in the past or breaking 390 off the floor recently?


Before 5/3/1 I deaded once a week when I switched to 5/3/1 I put my max at 455 and when I felt good I’d max out last set,I’m going to lower the weight and start over it’s hard for me to take time off I’m addicted to this and I can’t not do it,I was ripping 435 around 3 months ago and yeah I lost some weight I weigh 220 use to weigh 230 or so but I can’t believe when I see these lil skinner guys hitting 500 and smashing it i went by Jim and came home after work I’d eat pasta with everything and drink a shit load of milk literally I’m lactose intolerant and it was not ez.my diet now is chicken lots of chicken and protein shakes .,I work nights so my meals are off ,about my leg drive it was easier breaking 455 then 390 good point now I lowered my squat max from 405 to 250 I still will feel my leg twinge damn that’s probably it .

Do u guys think I should go back to 5/3/1 or stick with heavy singles my rep max would be 370 not 390 I deaded yesterday couldnt budge 390 ??? THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR COMMENTS SO APPRECIATED


Stick with 531 using 90% of your 1rm. Reps are what you need


Well, I’ll be the one to say it… I love 5/3/1, but if what you were doing was working, and now using 5/3/1 is killing your lift…

What should you be doing? Do what you were doing. Some times some things work and others don’t. 5/3/1 doesn’t work for my MP, so I use it till I stall, then I push press it, and ultimately when that stalls I go back to 3x3 as that progresses better.

Don’t get stuck in one routine. What works for one body part/lift may not work for others.


That’s what I’m going to do lower my max and start over I like 531 for the simple fact it’s meant for longevity I work 6 days sometimes 12 hour shifts so 4 times a week is good,and 531 doesn’t kill you I did coan that was hard.What do you guys think of this for back day 531 then 4 or 5 sets deficit deads then 4 or 5 sets rack then pendlay rows end it with pull ups??


Doing high reps on deadlifts did nothing for my 1RM but worked ok for squats. This could be you as well.
531 is just one of many progression schemes. It’s very popular for a number of reasons ( a go to program that’s mapped out without having to think too much) but is this the best way to increase your 1RM on deadlifts?

Well I can’t really see any point in deadlifting more then 5 reps. Form often turns to shit after 5reps and injuries start to creep in.
Heavy triples and doubles have worked for years and for good reason.
You could still follow 531 but just not for your main lift on deadlift day. Instead of doing 5+ at some submaximal weight on 5’s day just work up to a heavy 5. On 3’s day work up to a heavy 3 and on 531 day work up to a heavy double then maybe a few singles.

For your next question you refer to a back day. This is powerlifting, there is no back day. It’s a deadlift day and you work on increasing your deadlift. In 531 rows are used on bench day and pullups on millitary press day. Well that’s one way of doing it. Wendler likes to keep these things open as it gets people asking questions and he usually says it doesn’t matter lol. Stuffed if I know how it can’t matter but he has sold thousands of books so he is a brilliant marketer.


That’s good advice going hard on the last lift I’m going to try that thanks as for pull ups I do them through out the week and dips and push ups here’s my routine for deads 531 ,pendlay rows 5sets ,rack pulls 4 sets, end with pull ups I was going to include deficit deads . What do you think ?I appreciate any advice thanks


That’s good advice going hard on the last lift I’m going to try that thanks as for pull ups I do them through out the week and dips and push ups here’s my routine for deads 531 ,pendlay rows 5sets ,rack pulls 4 sets, end with pull ups I was going to include deficit deads . What do you think ?I appreciate any advice thanks[/quote]
Well no I wouldn’t do that.
531 is split up into 2 upper body days and 2 lower body days and I would keep it that way.
Assistance exercises on Deadlift day are usually things like Good Mornings , Romanian Deadlifts, Hanging leg raises or even squats. I actually used to like doing 3 or 4 sets of squats just to get in more squat work.

My deadlift day would be conventional deads work up to a heavy (depending on what week it is) 5,3 or 2 maybe a couple of singles.
Then I would Squat 3-4 work sets of 10.
Hanging leg raise 5 sets of 10.
Calf rasies 3-4 sets of 15.

Squat day would be squat 531.
Squat 4-5 sets of 10.
Romanian Deadlift 4-5 work sets of 5-7.
Hangling leg raises 5 sets of 10.
Calf Raises 3-4 sets of 15-20.


Thanks for the advice I’m going to try that you seem to got this shit down pretty good I’ve only been hitting powerlifting lifts for around 2 years my goal is a 500 pound deadlift man I dream of it ,it’s all I think about my bench is380 but I work out alone I think if I had someone to rack it for me it’d be a lil higher ,I want to hit 405 bench & 500 squat but it’s all second to the deadlift that’s everything to me thanks for all your great advice I will try it hope someday I can smash like you


The deadlift has been one of the trickiest lifts for me because I had weak hamstrings and a weak back / poor posture when I started lifting.

If I pulled near my max, or tried do a X RM set it would always just leave me crippled and unable to perform. My deadlift ain’t anything impressive, but since I changed what I do I have been making steady progress.

-dont TRAIN with weights you are fighting to get up. You should be controlling that bar.
-I changed to pulling with a double overhand grip. For the first time ever in a couple months I did mix grip mid workout last week when my grip started giving out and the bar just flew up like crazy. That was proof enough for me that there is carry over. Pulling double overhand also keeps you from pulling crazy weights that will just make you fatigued.

  • get some RDLs in there as well and really stretch the hamstrings. Keep them light and focus on getting the motor pattern right when doing these.
  • I like to pull a lot of singles with short rests. Like 15-20 second rests. I like to do sub max work for a lot of reps. Doubles or triples would work fine I bet, but the point is whatever you pull you gotta be able to pull it again soon.

I’ve seen gains every week in my DL for a couple months (or I should say, I’ve been increasing the load every week but still making it my bitch) and my back strength has generally increased a lot.

Take home message: Find what works for you and stick with it!


Thank you for your advice I love this forum its always very helpful


Being Addicted is never good, taking a break its good for you and one of the most important aspects of gaining strength its good for your body and your joints. it not time off the gym its time for your body to recover. Also your goal is wrong you should be aiming for something that is achievable at this stage in say 6 month, not something you want to do in 2 years, one you get to your 6 month goal set it higher and start again that way you stay motivated as your goals are achievable

Ive changed my routine to one week size, one week pure strength and one week off. both of my weeks working out are quite brutal and I’m shattered by the end of the 2nd weeks, however the week off allows my body to recover fully for me to make gains over the coming 2 weeks.

Dead lift is at 180kg and i have added 10kg each week over the last 2 deadlift sessions, I weight about 11.10 stone (155lb).




Post a technique vid - program advice may be a moot point if technique is struggling a bit (and perhaps has changed, altered for some reason - not likely to think you have historical videos of your technique to put up too??)