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Deadlift Goals


By the end of 2009 I want to hit a 800+ deadlift. Current strength around 700. Just wanted to see if anyone has any goals for this year.


how do you plan to add 100lbs to your deadlift in less than 6 months?


Video or it didn't happen.


You're really strong man. Whatcha press??


i'm more of an adductor machine man myself.


I tend to shoot high for my goals but it works for me. I basically strengthen all the different muscles used for deadlifting with various lifts. Goodmornings for low back, close stance below parallel box squats for hams and glutes, thick bar work for grip. Also for explosive power I do high pulls up to my upper chest range while standing on an aerobic step. Oh yeah lots of rows and core work.


More like smith-machine man. You know that we know...


Well OP, I'm actually surprised that after your 2 years of training you don't manage 405 in the overhead press yet. Or at least 375 or something like that to match your 700 lb pull.

Weight: 293
Height: 6' 5"
Body fat %:
Years Training: 2


damn... what happens in the bodybuilding forum. stays in the bodybuilding forum.


My goal is to do something above 600 by the end of this year. Good luck with your goal.


My overhead press has always been hard for me to develop. Deadlifting has always been natural for me. Ive done some sort of heavy manual labor since I was about 14 and that builds very strong hands and back. Also I'm built for deadlifting with the exception of my height, I mean my arms when at my sides are about 7" away from my knees which I guess is long I dont know.


Good luck to you as well just curious whats your height and weight etc.


I thought it happened on your youtube channel. You better go and delete the evidence quickly, or you'll never hear the end of it :wink:


Height: 183cm
Weight: 194lb
Age: 16
I haven't maxed out in a long time, but I've pulled 507 with lots of speed like a month ago.


Thats really good for your age and weight how long have you been training for?


Mark Felix


if you post a video of you with your avatar name written on your forehead deadlifting over 800lbs by december 31st 2009 i will eat my hat.


Thank you for your kind words.
I've been training force something like 1½ years, but only organized, serious training since around christmas. I have long arms, good for deadlifting, sux for benching, I have only benched 264 with paused n chest.


Yeah- I'd like to pull 800 too. I pulled my first 700 last summer and 720 in Decemeber. Since then, I have missed 717, 733 (twice), 722, and 740. On every one of those pulls, I ripped the weight off the floor like it was a joke, got it over my knee and had my right hand pop open.

An 800 lb pull is one of those mythic barriers for a lifter to break- just as a 1000 lb squat or a 500 lb raw bench might be. This seems to be true with little regard to weight class- there are lots of 700+ pullers from the 198s on up- but few 800+ pullers. I believe that almost any large man can pull 700 eventually if he commits himself to a lifestyle of hard training. But there something about that jump from 700 to 800 that leave most by the wayside. Grip is the most common culprit- think of all the strongman comepetitors that pull 800+ with straps. But, I think a lot of lifters run into the issue of how to train the lift in productive manner that does not get them hurt.


The strongman competitors could easily deadlift those weights without straps. You have to consider during contests they want to save their grip strength for later events, or their grip is very fatigued from earlier events. Almost all of the evnets require some sort of grip or forearm strength; truck pulls, atlas stones, farmers walk, axle press etc.