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Deadlift: Getting Weights Off the Bar?


Hello, the power rack at my gym doesnt have "holes" where you can put the bar holders low enough to put the bar on after deadlifting.
My question is how am i supposed to get the weights off when i cant rack the bar?
its one of these but only half of the holes exist.

// Bosse


put a 5lb plate under one side and remove that side then do the other side the same way. then stop over-thinking things.


maybe i'm totally confused...

but when i deadlift i pull the bar from the floor then i put it back down on the floor.

not sure what a power rack has got to do with it...

or why you would take up space deadlifting in one if there is a bit of floor space free somewhere.


Yes but after ur done doing deadlifts, how do u get the weights off the bar?


well... i sort of squat myself down and grab one of the weights on the bar and pull it. hard. takes a bit to figure how hard to pull it so it comes off the bar and i don't overpull it so i land on my ass lolz. just give it a couple tugs and it will work its way off. i use bumper plates for deads, admittedly, but we have regular plates, too, and that is how everybody else seems to do it...

i'm sorry but i really don't understand the problem, i think.


Use a pair of 20KG plates as your base, then 15's, 10's, 5's etc from then on in.


EndersDrift answered the question.

If you pull from the floor and end on the floor, you place a small plate flat on the floor and roll the first 45 onto it. That will elevate the other plates and give you space to slide them off.


Another really easy way to get plates off the barbell is to un-rack one side completely, and then to tip the barbell upwards. The rest of the plates will come right off easily.


Thanks for all the answers :slight_smile:


The only question now is how do I put plates ON the bar?


Lol, right. It's always nice when gyms have the jacks for the bars.

I like to make sure I'm pulling them towards me when loading bar rather than pushing away, so much less awkward.


I'm having a hard time understanding the problem, too. I just unload it until there's 185 or less on the bar and clean it up to my squat rack, then unload the rest.


Aaaah, see.... now THAT is the question!

There's nothing to it... if you love hard work, straining, and bloody shins!


  1. Place bar on floor
  2. Bring 1st plate up to one end of bar
  3. Lift bar while pushing end into hole in center of plate.
  4. Bring 2nd plate up to other end of bar
  5. Lift other end of bar to align with hole in plate
  6. Push 2nd plate onto bar
  7. Repeat steps 1-6 as necessary for additional plates.