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Deadlift/Front Squat Form Check


DL: 295*5 -- Watch the douchebag in the black, priceless moment caught on tape.

FS: 195*5

DL 275*5 (my brother)

Please let me know how my form looks, thanks in advance!


Your DL overall looks very good, lol at Bruce Lee in the back. Big thing is to stop sliding the bar down your thighs when you lower the bar- do it exactly like the opposite of how you brought it up. Focus on getting a complete lockout too, you kinda cut the last rep short.

I had to crane my neck for the Front Squats but they were very good.

Edit: Didn't watch the 2nd DL video, has a lot of stuff going on. I'm going to bet he scrapes his shins a lot, it's pretty common with guys who start too with their hips too low (almost in a parallel squat position). Same problem with the lowering except more pronounced, has some flexion on the first DL rep too.

Far from the worse I've seen, keep it up!


douchebag gets pwned! yes! (the other day some guys starting playing soccer with swiss ball at my gym)
no shoes! yes!

also, second DL video (275*5) has a few things to adjust, for one bar wasn't always moving straight while you were lowering it?


On the first deadlift video: Don't bend your knees as much as you do when lowering the bar. You should lower it like a romanian deadlift, and then once the bar gets to your knee, bend your knees until the barbell plates hit the floor. Also, can't tell if your elbows are bent, but if they are, stop doing that. Straight arms. And no shrugging at the top. BTW, I laughed out loud really fucking hard at the guy falling.

Good front squats, go even lower if you can!

Second DL video: Same problem on the lowering, don't bend the knees as much when lowering throughout that first portion (from hips to knees). Also, his butt is actually too far down on the beginning of the deadlifts (except first rep). This causes his shoulders to be in line with the barbell at the start of the deadlift (or even behind it, which is not good). You should actually have your shoulders just a little in front of the bar (so the bar is actually more in line with your scapulae). The first concentric portion of the first rep is better than the rest. And he's got a little bending in his lower back. Not good.


Thanks for the feedback everyone

Keeping your shoulder slightly infront of the bar makes sense to me. Interestingly enough, this is exactly the opposite of the feedback I recieved a couple weeks back. A few people said I needed to keep my shoulders behind the bar -- I honestly have no fucking clue how that can be accomplished when you have the bar against your shins.


Yeah my grip started to give on the last two reps, I readjusted for the fifth and lost it on the way down. And, YES, my brother certainly does scrape the shit out his shins. What I'm hearing is he should get his hips up a bit from the start - and we both ought to bend at the waist first on the negatives?


Well, some people actually have the mobility to be able to do that (have their shoulders behind the bar with the shins touching it). That doesn't make it good technique though. The deadlift should be completed in a straight line (or even pulled back a bit), from mid-shin to hip. If you have your shoulders behind the barbell at the start, your butt will be forced downwards, assuming that your shins are near the barbell. This will force your knees to bend even more, and this is bad because when you start the lift in this position, you'll be forced to either move the barbell forward around the knees (not good), or have your body compensate for it anyways to get in a correct body position (i.e. pushing your butt back).


Tell your brother not to deadlift in running shoes. His form will be a lot better if he goes barefoot or wears shoes that are flat.


Here's a good example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cs-wOHN5tdw

See how most of his knee bend happens once the BB gets to his knees?

Here's a romanian deadlift: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnBREGM7pE0

Only pay attention to the lowering from the hip to the knee (not below the knee). He just sticks his butt way out. As he lowers it, the barbell is still very close to his thighs (not dragging or anything though), and the barbell is still under his scapulae.


Hm, PBAndy's advice reminds me of Mark Rippetoe's advice on performing the deadlift on EliteFTS, specifically regarding the bar in relation to he shoulder.

http://www.elitefts.com/documents/deeper_into_deadlift.htm (Part 1)
http://www.elitefts.com/documents/mark_rippetoe2.htm (Part 2)


Thanks again for the feedback - on another note, are RDLs not supposed to be touch and go? In the video he only lowers the bar to mid shin.


I thought your DL was very good and don't think the above example is of any benefit to you. You are a much taller lifter and must squat much deeper into your deadlift. That makes a big difference.

On your FS, I thought it was very good also, but I think your Lordosis arch was a bit excessive. I think if you sat back a little bit more (you might need a little bit of a heel, it looks like you were in your socks) you would be able to sit back better and have a good arch without it being so extreme.


PS Where do you train? That's a cool facility.


I'm only 5'11, I think the point of the video was to give an example of bending at the waist on the negative portion of the rep.

Too much extension in my back on front squats? If I added a little depth, I think my back would straighten out a bit. I only have running shoes, I imagine they have a good inch on the heel would they be more appropriate for FS?

That gym is actually at my brother's high school -- I enjoy training there a lot more than any commercial gym!


Going deeper will be great, but won't fix what I'm talking about. If you watch your video you will see as you reach bottom your arch does smooth out. The problem I see (and it's really not much of a problem, it's just being nit-picky) is more in the middle of your decent, your arch is much more severe. And, I probably should look again, but it might not be so much the degree of the arch, but that it's not smooth and even throughout the length of the curve. It's kind of skewed.


Yeah it basically is, I have his Starting Strength book and his recommendations helped me fix some form issues for good.


I'm not sure I'm following; what do you mean by smooth? Are you saying my back is too arched -- or extended -- and should be flatter? I'm new to the front squat, although I imagine you want that back extension like a traditional squat... Does that make any sense?


Scratch all that I wrote. I looked at the video again after and I think it looks fine.