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Deadlift From Floor or From Top?

What are the main differences (if any) in performing the DL from the finish position and lowering touch and go, compared to starting from the floor. Technically your moving your body the same way just different directions. Does either way target muscles differently? I prefer to start from the floor because I can handle more weight that way. Would it be useful to switch it up now and again?

Obviously you wont be building explosive strength from the top down since you touch and go, but if you were not traing for powerlifting would it really matter which way you lift?

If you’re not training for powerlifting I can’t see how it would matter, assuming that you are able to stay in your groove on the touch-n-go and not setting yourself up for injury.

The main difference between the two is that the tng takes advantage fo the stretch reflex and starting from the floor does not

Simply put you eliminate the ‘dead’ from the pull when you begin at the top.
*When you begin a movement from the eccentric position, you build stored energy in the muscle during the eccentric portion. (someone please provide the proper terminolgy for me)

It is worth mentioning that many lifters do ‘touch-n-go’ work after the first rep. from the ground/pins/etc. There is much debate regarding the value of ‘touch-n-go’ vs. ‘dead-stop’ methods when doing deadlifts (do a search, you’ll find several threads), and the arguments on both sides are valid.

IMO…‘touch-n-go’ work requires an absolute commitment to maintaining your form throughout the set and a lifter runs a higher risk of injury with this method. I believe the ‘dead-stop’ method produces better brute/raw strength.

I’m surprised you do more from the floor than from the top to the floor, from floor you start from a static position so it takes more effort to start there than from the top where like you said its touch and go. To get more strength I would start with standing on a 8" platform for weeks 1 and 2. Then, on a 6" platform weeks 3 and 4. On a 4" platform on weeks 5 and 6. For weeks 7 and 8 pull from the floor. I did this program a few years back and my deadlift went from 625 to 675 in that time frame.

I am way too new at all of this to offer any advice. But I’ll share my experiences with you, for what they’re worth.

I am using 5/3/1 with the Boring But Big template.

My 5/3/1 is done from the floor, with a quick breath/reset for each rep.

My 5 x 10 is done touch and go.

I discovered very quickly that mentally, the BBB sets became a real mental drag if done in the same fashion as the 5/3/1 sets.

So far, the only negative I’ve noticed is that once I start really fatiguing while doing the touch and go method, I start to let the bar get too far out in front…I am letting it pull me down.

another way to trian the top start is to lower the weight controlled and have a partner give you an up call an inch or two before you hit the ground. great way to bbuild reversal and overall strenght. seen scott yard do it a few times

when you start from the top that means you have to walk the weight out. id rather get into position from the floor than from the top.

also, pulling off the floor (even if only once from touch and go) is more badass.

basically i dont think they are any advantages from starting to the top - and i pull T&G for size/fun

u dont have to walk it out. you need two partners or one with really long arms to pull the pin. you do a rack lockout, pull the catch bars and then deadlift

starting the Deadlift from the top full lock position, also called a negative, is great to throw in the mix from time to time, Bob Peoples did them alot.
Biggest prob tho, is that the set-up is time consuming and a hassle.

I’m sure you could throw it in every now and then for variety, but I wouldn’t make it your primary mode of training.

Still, it seems to work for this guy, and I hear he’s pretty strong:


This is a cool concept.

Personally, I had a hard time making it work. I had a hard time getting tight and set up right at the bottom. I actually pulled LESS using this method than just pulling from the floor.

But give it a try. The concept makes sense to me.

very cool, thanks for the info