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Deadlift Frequency Poll


1) How often do you deadlift?

2) Which Style do you prefer?(Conventional, Sumo or Trap Bar)

3) What is your favorite deadlift assistance exercise?

BTW I did a search before I posted this.


1...once a week
3...deadlift machine thing.


1.Once ME and once DE.

  1. Conv.

  2. box squat


Thanx for the repsonses, Keep 'em comming.

  1. Twice per week
  2. Conventional & trap bar
  3. Romanian DL or platform DL


a) once per week, plus strongman events (silver dollar, stones, farmers picks and holds). I find if I go near max weight, it takes about a week for my back to fully recover

b)Standard DL with a mixed grip, silverdollar deadlift (18 inch boxes)I can add at least 100lbs with these

c)squats, grip training, rows


1 - 1/wk
2 - conventional
3 - anything to improve my grip


1.) It depends, usually once a week, but I threw in a 2-week cycle where I did them 3 times per week.
2.) Conventional, mixed grip
3.) Hmm... I'd have to say heavy ab work because when I miss, it's usually because I lose tightness in my core.


1) Twice (Once Conventional, once SL for reps... different days, though)
2) Conventional w/ alternating grip
3) GM, SLDL, hypers. I have a weak lowerback.

I'm surprised you didn't also have a question about which grip people use. This should be an interesting thread.


I do 2 week cycles of exercises. Every 2 weeks I completely change the exercises. I now only do deadlifts about 2 out of every 8-10 weeks. I do them 6 times (3x/week) during those 2 weeks. Brutal.

Occasionally it's too much. But I gain 10-30lbs on my deadlift during that 11 day period every time (monday the first week to friday the second week).

I do conventional deads with no belt or wraps or any kind of "aids". Now that I'm well into the 400's, I think I'm going to start using straps b/c my grip is now the weak link in the chain.


right now i'm deadlifting 0 times per week. i only do conventional, although sumo seems like the best way to pull. if i'm doing deadlifts, there is no magic number to how many times per week i'll do them. it depends on tons of variables.


Once a week


Good Mornings


2xweek 60-75% 1RM
DL walks 5x5
I try to stick to all compound movements, so hopefully I am hitting elsewhere too.


good mornings are money.


1) Twice

2) Trap Bar

3) I don't know yet....I am thinking of replacing one day of Trapbar deadlifts with straight bar Romanians.


Once per week conventional or stiff leg or both.

I also like one arm deadlifts, from the centre, very nice.

Also, a deadlift complex as a warmup / off days, that is something like deadlift, bent row, goodmornings, stiff deadlift. Good to get the blood flowing, good on off days to get the blood back in there, hopefully full of aminos.


I have been deadlifting every workout which is 3 or 4 times a week. The thing is is that the only thing I have access to is some kind of stupid smith machine that has plates that go up to 220 LBS. I can bench it with all the weight so deadlifting it everyday is no problem.

I'm sure things will change when I get my weights out here from the mid-west, or if I join a gym. But overall I have no problem doing it often.

And as others have said, I enjoy romanian deadlifts some days or both in the same day. I actually do them with 35lb dumbells and I focus on the stretch and the perfect form. It's sweet.


-Once a month




Twice per week. Max effort and dynamic effort.


Defecit deadlifts. I love them because they make my regular deadlift skyrocket.


What are defecit deadlifts?