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Deadlift Form?

Hey guys,
Could you check out my deadlift form? I think my lower is arched too much and my hips are too high.
Here’s my new deadlift video (barefoot)
I also have problems maintaining a neutral spine, any suggestions or drills to help?

Link doesnt work. Get it to work and we can help you

here’s the new link

Eric Cressey recently came out with some great articles on the deadlift. Do a search for “Mastering the Deadlift.”

Not bad. The sideways angle of the video makes it a little hard to diagnose, but it appears you could definitely use a bit more action in the hips at the bottom and a lot more glute action at the top. Try to explode a bit faster with the weight. Switch to a standard bar. Keep deadlifting.

I think that your hips are a little high throughout the beginning-middle of the lift

I find that I can’t deadlift as much if I drop my hips lower, should I decrease the weight or practice squatting more?
I do try to activate my glutes by “humping the bar” as suggestion by Eric Cressey’s article on deadlifting.
Any comments on my lower back? I seem to round it too much

You answered your own question. Your back is too rounded because your hips are too high. You want to end up so when you make the final bar hump to activate those glutes your back is already straight.

What I’m seeing in your video is you compensating for weak hips/glutes by pulling the weight with your lower back and then leaning back the weight instead of setting it back by pushing your hips forward at the top. Lower the weight.

Keep your elbows LOCKED out. Quite a few times in the video you bent your elbows.

Thanks for the advice. I just realized a new problem, even with no weight at all, I can only go to mid-shin level before my neutral back position begins to arch, what should I do? hamstring stretches?

yes indeed. Hamstring mobility actually, not stretches, in addition to lumbar spine stabilization exercises. The static stretches are too easy to contaminate with lumbar flexion, potentially increasing BOTH problems.

Mobility work and glute activation work should help. Look up Cressey and Robertson and Hartman for articles that will help you work on your weaknesses. These activities should be done as often (read–every day or more, if you can) as possible to help re-educate your body’s bad habits. Focusing on good posture during your day helps immensely too.

  1. Increase your hip flexibility so you can lower your hips.
  2. Stop bouncing that shit off the ground. If all reps after your first rep are easier, then that’s a problem. If your goal is to build strength in the gym and not display strength, then you should make these exercises harder, not easier.