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Deadlift Form


Ive done some searching for articles on proper DLing, but I keep running into articles that give tips and fixes for specific problems.

Can someone hook me up with some quick answers or point me in the direction of an article with some more detail about DL’s?

I’ve been doing an ABSolution style program for a while, and stopped seeing gains and decided to do a 180 and go with something totally different, so I hit up Waterburys 10x3 for fatloss. Im a pretty novice lifter (Only been lifting for about two years with a 2 year hiatus inbetween year 1 and 2)

  1. I feel alot of strain in my back when I DL, even though I stay straight/slighty arched.
  2. My shins/knees/inner forearm take a MASSIVE beating. It leaves me focusing on the pain rather than the lift.

Im a pretty short guy (5’7") and a textbook Endo. I also dont have much flexibility anymore, but Ive been working on it every workout/night to help ROM. Thanks for the help in advance!


A quick search and yee shall find.

Top 10 DL Mistakes and How to fix them
By Dave Tate

Many of his other articles will help as well