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Deadlift Form


Last night I was working up to a max deadlift, and I noticed that as I get closer to my limit, I start to stiff leg the lift more and more. For me I can get up to about 405 with pretty solid form (conventional), 425 so-so, 445 so-so, 455 way too much stiff legging. Have any of you guys ran in to this problem? And how did you fix it? I think my form could be better, but I try to keep my head up and my shoulders behind the bar.


You might want to try thinking about moving the bar before you move your hips. In other words, don't let you butt/hips come up first.

Realy concentrait on keeping you butt from moving up from your starting possition.

You can also try sitting back as you lift up, so you'll be pulling up and back on your heals, instead of just up.


This is actually somewhat common. A lot of people, as they near their 1RM, will almost stiff-leg it.

It's not really a "problem" as long as you keep your spine neutral(don't round your lower back).

Pulling is fun,


my guess would be the stiff legging comes from quad weakness. Raising your hips and not your shoulders would switch more of the lift to hams/lower back, and thus help you pull more weight than you probably should be if trying to conventional deadlift.


I do the same thing. The quad weakness suggestion makes sense, as I can pull 480lbs, but only squat 350lbs. Being 6'6" will give me a deadlift that's better than my squat, but I think a difference of this much suggestions some strength inbalance issues!


That pretty much sums it up. Go to any powerlifting meet and this is what you'll see on most max attempts.


He's deadlifting; who cares about quads?


Look at the knee joint angle present during deadlifts, and you'll see that the quads are in a position of mechanical advantage; I've never seen them be a weakness on a conventional pull.


Try to keep your shoulders behind the bar.

Maybe cut one of the sets out like the 445 and go strainght up to 455. Fatigue can kill form also.


A curious question to you guys on a slight tangent...do you do multiple reps of deads, and if so, do you fully reset each time? So for example if you were doing sets of 6, do you put the bar down, let go, reset and then do another rep? If you do that, do you try to move fast to make it like doing sets in another exercise?

I haven't really gotten the hang of multiple reps of deads...just been doing singles and wonder what others do.