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Deadlift Form

Hey, I’ve read articles about deadlifting (form) articles from Dave Tate, Mike Roberstone and all. The information they give is very informative but I’m having trouble with my deadlift form and don’t wanna mess up my back cause I’m young. I wanna make sure I’m doing it right both the conventional and sumo way (for variation and stuff). Does anyone have perhaps a video link or something like that, that could show me how to exactly do them? I’m going to read deadlifting articles (form) a few more times to make sure I’m following what they are saying (authors mentioned above) but if anyone could give a link to a video or something cause I can’t find any that’d be great.


Be sure to check out

And as stated in the above post:

Here’s a great article on deadlifting form:


Yeah I read that article Presision Pullings it’s a good one, I like it. I’ve read it about 9 times now?? lol.
With the video’s I can’t see a deadlift or sumo deadlift, just a stiff legged deadlift and barbell romanian deadlift. Or maybe I can’t see it? lol. IF anyone wants VIDEOS of POWERLIFTRS lifting huge weights in the bench, squat and deadlift go to irongame.com and click on VIDEOS…they have tons of videos and its sweet, and relatively short downloads (for those who have dial-up like I do, we just have to suffer with it). Lots and lots of fun.


Thread Hujack:
Could somebody please post some videos of Sumo Deadlifting?

I started doing that today, but i have problems with the lockout cuz’ my hands interfere with my legs.