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Deadlift Form


Hey folks!

Just starting 5/3/1, and wanted to make sure my dead lift form is good. Any comments, criticisms, and coaching are welcome.

I realize the weight is stupidly light. In my defense, it IS 65% of 90% of my 1RM.


God dammit. My phone compressed the video. I look like I’m in a goddamn silent movie. Standby for a real-speed video.


Nevermind. I filmed the video like a jackass, and the plates cover up my torso at the top of the lift. I’ll post another video next time I get to the gym.

I have brought dishonor to my family.


Honestly man its hard to tell from such a video and light weight. You seem to hinge your hips well and don’t have a poor posture. Through some weight on and take a video