Deadlift Form

Hi, 26 year old male 165 lbs. Just started getting back into lifting and am focusing on the big exercises. The one exercise I don’t know if I’m doing properly is the deadlift. I’ve gotten a lot of different feedback regarding it. Posted a video. Tell me what you think.

Overall looks ok but you can’t see much when you’re that close, try backing up the camera a bit and it’ll help people be more able to critique your form. Also, how much is your max and how much is on the bar?

I’ll put another vid up with a better overall shot. Never tested my 1rm but was able to rep 315 three times. In the video I have 185 on the bar.

Yea another vid would be very helpful and when you shoot it make it something somewhat challenging, not a maximal effort but you should have a bit of form breakdown. It’s easy to have perfect form when the weight is light but if you show us something thats more of an effort people will be able to give you a more accurate answer and point out any weaknesses you may have