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Deadlift Form


So I'm not posting this in the SRC thread for a number of reasons, here it goes.

Today while I was at the gym a girl I know, who's a powerlifter, was doing deadlifts. The problem was the way she was doing her deadlifts, she was basically doing a straight leg deadlift with a hyper-flexed spine then when she got to the top she would "pop" from a position of hyper flexion to hyper extension withough moving her hips. It was very strange and painful looking.

Unfortunately she's very resistant to advice on her deadlift so I'm not going to try and smack her down with unsolicited advice even if she's a herniated disc waiting to happen.

I guess I'm posting on here becasue I know she reads this forum and I'm hoping maybe she can fix that form before they cart her out on a stretcher. . .


Um, just a question, is this her usual form or just what you saw today, maybe it has a place in her training, just a thought


Actually when I got pregnant my kid was like massive so it gave me horrible Lordosis, which means my spine curves in a lot and my ass sticks out. It's pretty much impossible for me to not have a hyper-flexed spine. even if I am just like standing...
I also got diastasis recti which means my abdomial muscles are going to be seperated for the rest of my life so unfortunately for me and anyone else to has to see me naked, I will never have a six pack. LONG goes my dreams of looking like a female matt Kroc.
On top of all that I used to good morning all my squats and i thought pectorals were the most important thing when it came to bench pressing.
SO I SUPPOSE we all learn a little something eveerrry day.

BTW this thread is about me, heh.
BTWx's 2 i am a woman if you didn't realize it.


This is pointless. Arguing on the internet is like the special olympics, even if you win, you're still a retard.



Your hyper flexion isn't due to any sort of health condition it's due to you not keeping your back flat when you lift. This could be caused by weak spinal erectors or by poor form, your call.

the hyper extension at teh top isnt' really a huge concern comparitively, it's the way you "pop" from hyper flexion to hyper extension rather than finish by pushing your hips through.


So you thought you'd provide the unsolicited advice on a public forum instead under the assumption that you know better.


Lol, well if you'll notice I didn't name her, she named herself. Which meant that it wasn't personal or embarrassing like if I tried to tell her in the gym. I've known her a couple of years so it's not as though it's a person I've never met and I know her well enough to know that telling her in public in front of people is going to be a lot less sucessful than this method.

And yes, I do know better in this particular case.


What a weird thread to start. OP, you're a loser.




Why? Because I don't want a friend to hurt herself and ruin all the hard work she's put in getting strong? Yup, I'm a real douche.


If you really cared about her feelings you could have taken her to one side and told her discretely or PM'd her instead of starting a thread.

Amazing lack of tact.

I'm glad I don't have you as a "friend".


WELL for anyone who cares about this soap opera of a thread (no one) I'll elaborate.
On thursday S. rat made fun of my one arm DB rows, which is fine, they're silly, but they're still 70 fucking pounds which is more than i see most women deadlift. then he was being "nice" and told me I could never be a female matt kroc because I will never have abs like him.

SO on friday when he tries to offer deadlift advice, forgive me, but I was a little bit sensitive and honestly my self-esteem really could not listen to another bit of constructive criticism FROM HIS MOUTH!
BUt it's FINE, he already told me he wouldn't cater to my insecurities and has expressed his lack of concern for my future post-deadlifting hospital stays, so it's time to pack this here godawful thread, i reckon.


Maybe you should also know when to keep your mouth shut. I think the OP needs to get off their high horse, and let spock81 lift how she wants. It seems she knows what she's doing wrong, if she doesn't ask for your advice then keep it to yourself. I don't see how you thought you were going to get your point across coming onto an internet forum and typing what basically amounts to talking shit about someone and thinking they were going to take your advise to heart.


Sturat and Spock, you're both fucking children. Shut up and handle this like big boys and girls do.