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Deadlift form


last weeks deadlifting. about 153 lbs. if you notice anything i can improve on let me know. thanks

video link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCtFW-A3Wno


i notice you're only partway in the video. you could work on that.
edit-posted this before the youtube link was up.


Looks like the bar travels away from your shins. Work on having it scrape up your legs the entire time.

It's really hard to tell how your form is when the video is super fuzzy, dark, and you're wearing a huge sweater.

From the second set though, I can see that your knees are pointed more forward than they should be. Work on forcing your knees out to the side so that you get your hips as close to the bar as physically possible. (will require working up your flexibility) Point your toes out to the sides.

The 3rd set.... You set-up right, but then you squat down and straighten your feet more, and your knees go in.

Work on those things and I'm sure you'll have most of your problems sorted out! Looks good otherwise!


Thanks alot. I will do that


Youre abs are ridiculously weak. Work the shit out of your obliques. Your lower back is weak too so work that hard as well. Also, You are pulling from the middle of your foot/compensating for weak hamstrings. So, fix those too and focus more on pulling from your heel.

I can tell all of these things because the bar and the weight on it is determining the path the bar travels off the floor. It should be you that is in control of this but you are not because of the above mentioned weaknesses. The bar is out of your control the entire time you pull. Work on those weaknesses, hold you air tighter in you ABDOMIN, stay back on your heels, and get some speed on those deadlifts.

Watch all the best pullers out there and you see one common trait regardless of form, body proportions, and all the other crap people say matter. All the best pullers have very smooth, very pretty deadlifts. A pretty deadlift is a strong deadlift.


thanks for the advice. i will work on those parts harder


The video is fuzzy and it is hard to see with the clothes he has on, but it looked to me like his ass pops up and he is pretty much carrying the load on his lower back...no?


He does, but he can't keep his torso in the starting position as he straightens his legs.


No one's back will ever be strong enough.


I couldn't agree more...you see guys like Bene and Bolton really pushing the threshold of what the human body is capable of. I wasn't questioning you just to be argumentative...it looks to me like his lower back is his only saving grace. Form wise I'd say he needs to concentrate on keeping the ass down, drive the feet through the floor and time the hip activation and glute contraction alot better. Lower the weight and practice some singles to perfect form.

my 2 cents which is worthless after tax.