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Deadlift Form


hi guys just started deadlifting last week and would really appreciate some advice on form......

(sorry that the video is upside down)

thanks :slight_smile:


Think i should mention i did 2 sets at this weight..... 1st set was for 6. 2nd set i got this :frowning:

Form would of been alot tighter on 1st i guess and i prob shouldn't of even attempted this but i still wanted a video just so i can tighten things up :slightly_smiling:

Also i'm including a video of underhand rows because i'm not sure whether you pull to the upper abs or waist on this exercise.


rows underhand


Be very careful not to drop the bar onto the ceiling lol


decent form mate
try looking straight ahead on the way down aswell tho, feels weird as fuck at first but it can save you a back injury, also forget about weight just now and get the form down :slightly_smiling:


it's hard to tell cuz the videos are upside down for me...i'd say your rows need ALOT of work though. drop the weight and get a more controlled motion, looks like you're shortchanging the range of motion and using all momentum. There's a big difference between an explosive concentric motion and just using too much damned weight that you have to get your whole body involved. Get your hips back as much as you can and don't be afraid to bend your knees. Try to make a table with your back more, pulling the weight to upper abdomen/lower chest...definitely not into your gut.


deadlifts are fine...

rows are ok if your goal is mainly trap thickness...the angle your using is mainly going to hit traps...

i prefer a lower angle...similar to jay cutler in this vid...it will build more overall back thickness

rows start at 2:00


Thanks guys.....

Kinda knew the rows were shite tbh, next week i'll cut back the weight and go for form :slight_smile:


Is this deads or rows?? Pretty sure i was doing this on deads mate :slight_smile:


Thanks for the help anyways guys!


i wouldn't look straight ahead while doing deads, stresses out the cervical spine like no other.


He can put that on his list of "Shit He Doesn't Actually Have to Worry About."


Ok so i do look straight ahead?


Spine - Straight Line.

What is the benefit of looking straight ahead again?


Look up or keep your head level.

Body tends to follow the head. If you're looking down you're going to fuck up your form.

Your C spine doesn't need to be straight while lifting, very little of the strain is going to end up on it.

A lot of folks even argue that the T spine doesn't need to be straight while pulling (not as far as beginners are concerned).

Capt. Slow: Head up or eyes parallel with the ground.


Where are you getting this from? Watch the IBB training videos. Coach CT specifically mentions keeping your spine in a straight line for rowing exercises. You're now outnumbered on that one in this thread as a few posters ahead of me mentioned this too. Next time your doing bench press, make sure you don't look up at the ceiling, but tilt your head back more than 45 degrees and let me know what THAT does for your form. Kinda weird on the upper traps and shoulders isn't it?