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Deadlift Form Question

I have a question on performing deadlifts. Do you keep your back arched or straight during deadlifting?

I found its much harder when you deadlift when you keep you back arched back the whole time while your doing the lift and going back down but is this the right way to do it? Since I just recently started them I want to get my form perfect before i start increasing the weight. But most pple in my gym do them like the animation from exrx or they keep their legs completely straight the whole time and just move their upper body.

But when i try to imitate I dont feel the burn in my lower back at all really. I only feel it when my back is arched all throughout the lift.

Try to keep your spine in neutral alignment to your hips.

Arching your back and looking upwards are more or less relative movements that you do to compensate for the resistance, which forces you to round your back.

Also, the technique which feels the ‘easiest’ and allows you to move the most weight is often neither the healthiest nor the best for strength gains.