Deadlift Form Question

Hello guys.
For a while now a trainer at my gym has been telling me that I have a bad form deadlifting. According to him I’m pulling most of the weight with my back and when I pull, I pull upwards and not “backwards”. However I don’t seem to get it even with the lower weights which I can easily handle, and he is having hard time to explain me what exactly I should do. He told me that I’m not using my legs enough.

Is it possible that the classic dl is not for me? I’m not that tall about 5’9"-5’10". Is there anything I could do to work on this? Perhaps my hips aren’t that flexible? When I squat I always go deep atg.

Thanks in advance!
PS: I know its hard to give advice on someone’s form without seeing him do the exercise but I still hope someone will be able to help.
pretty good article.

I dunno if this will help or not, but this link has a video…may help you see the proper form:

As tough as it is, one of the best things for form is to force yourself to look up while pulling. Focus on something on the roof and keep focused on it. This forces your butt down and makes for a more even pull.

Head up, chest out, shoulders back, back flat, ass out.

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