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deadlift form question

This morning i woke up at 11, i know im juss a stupid teenager who wont have enough time to get the 3-4000 calories, but anyway. I weighed in at 120(I have been sick lately and lost some weight, mostly in fat though :slight_smile: ) I went tdown to the basketball gym and decided to come back easy into the lifting with some squat and deadlift. The squat went okay, and i did some deadlifts, expecting to do some goodmornings afterwards. Well i started warming and went something like
175x5 PR
by this time i thought i wouldnt be able to get to two-hundred
195x2 PR
200x1 PR
205x1 PR
215x1 PR
220xO Miss

on the 215 it felt like it took me 15 seconds to get it locked out, i didnt think i was going to ha ve it, but fought through the first inch or so, then basicly just muscled it up. I have a for mq though, wat could be the cause of the middle section of my deadlift being like a stiff legged deadlift, and wat can i do to correct this? I have never trained deadlift before and dont want to start many bad habits just in search of higher weight.


It seems like your “locking out” your legs before you get to the top of the DL, hence the reason for your “stiff-legged” finish. Try to keep the pulling motion smooth throughout the lift, only straightening the legs as you reach the top, just before locking out the lift (with the lean back).

I think the reason for this is that you’re using too much leg power at the bottom…try lowering the weight and only bump it up if you can keep good form. You’ve got plenty of time to get your lift numbers respectable. Also, do your GM’s to help with the lower back strength…it’ll also improve your ham strength.

thanks, ive been doing seated GMs to get the form down and strengthen my hams before i go to standing GMs, but i cant feel it working my hams at the moment, the burn starts in my lower back.
The next day of course my hams are always killing me, but will this change when i go to standing GMs, and do i have anything to worry about with form aon the seated gms?

When I do seated GM i feel them in my low back also. Heavy GM(there are many variatons, I like to go out wide with my knees bent a little, really concentrate on pushing your butt back. For deadlift form you might want to check out this:

anything over at www.elitefts.com check out the q&a and articles section.
Really work your low back, hamstrings, glutes, and grip if needed. Glute ham raise and reverse hypers are great(so I read, if your lucky enough to have the equipment), dimel deadlifts, SLDL and RDL, Pullthroughs, band leg curls, along with heavy GMs will build a big deadlift. I am not sure if you were trying to work for a 1rm max, but if you are do not try to set PR on higher reps. I would set the bar down and switch hands(if your pulling mixed grip) between each rep to keep form good. Hopefully some of this helps.

Drew, eveyone is different insofar as how they respond to different lifts…if you’re looking for a real good ham burn, then don’t expect it from the GM or DL if you’re not feeling it once you get the form down. The GHR or triple strip sets with the leg curl will give you more of a burn than a DL or GM, but you’ll still get a good ham workout with those lifts regardless. I’d be more concerned with perfecting the form on the lifts…once your weaknesses get balanced out after some time, then you’ll have a more balanced “feedback” from your lifts.

You seem to have an intelligent approach, so don’t sweat the small stuff…just keep lifting…it’ll all come together soon enough!

thanks for the response guys, i dont have accesss to any bands or ghr or reverse hypers, though i do some variations of the ghr negatives periodicly. thansk for all the advice.

I have some questions regarding my DL form too. I read Dave Tate’s article on common DL mistakes and I realize that I wasn’t rounding my upper back and keeping the bar next to the shins.

  • My problem is that I tend to raise my butt before the bar starts to move. Your butt should never be above your shoulders, right?

  • How low should one sit? If I don’t sit low enough, I can’t grip the bar properly.

  • What are some exercises to improve hamstring flexibility? I have trouble sitting back with my shins straight


I guess its up to each individual, but if it took me 15 seconds to complete a PR, I certainly wouldn’t add more weight and try again.
You are more likely to fry your CNS than make the next lift.
If you’re in a meet maybe you give it everything but when working out, I find it best to finish on a high note and leave something for next time.
You’ll end up having more good sessions and less burnout.