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Deadlift Form, Max Attempt


This is my deadlift max attempt. it seems like the one side were off the ground before the other one. any ideas why this happened? at all my warm up sets this didnt happen. also any form suggestions/critiques would be nice :slight_smile:


heres the video, i couldnt upload it here :slight_smile:


Not bad man, but there are several problems I can see and not all of them are technique related. As far as technique though:

Set your hips lower/Pull the slack out of the bar
Push your knees out harder
Keep the weight on your heels

Now, I dont know if you have ever noticed this about yourself but you have some serious hip imbalances going on. Pause the video at 12 seconds. Look at the angle of your hip to your femur in both of your legs. They are completely different. You are favoring your left leg/hip and that is why that side comes up first. You looked ok in your intial set-up but then you shifted to your left side which tells me either you have had an injury in your right knee or hip or you have some mobility issues on both sides that need to be adressed. Either way, look into some mobility drills (not stretching) for your hips and the uneven pulling should go away.


spot on storm, just 7 months ago I had a knee surgery on my right knee. I have found out though, that the higher i have my knees, the more weight i can move. As long as my lower back stays arched, is this still a problem? thanks in advance.


I didn't mean drop down to a full squat, I meant get your hips a little lower so that you activate your hips a during the pull. Really the issue can be completely resolved by driving your knees out as hard as you to start the pull. Your hips will naturally go to their strongest position, which will be a little lower.

All of this is secondary though to seriously putting in some time doing mobility work. Got to mobilitywod.com and check out number 213? or 214? Whichever one is the deadlift prep and do that everyday until you can get into a symmetrical set-up. That website is awesome and K Star is a fucking genious.


The main thing I see, and will reiterate the mobility thing, is that you are putting a lot of stress on your SI joint pulling like that and given the issues you are having on the right side if you start to develop adhesions on the psoas muscles you are going to start tweaking your back over the hip(s) and you may pop your SI joint which is very painful and a slow healer.

Forcing your knees out hard before you pull will help a lot and focus on keeping your chest up and driving through the heels. Just think 'heels, hips.' As soon as you 'feel' the bar break the floor with your leg drive developed by focusing on pushing through the heels, your focus is on driving your hips to the bar as hard as possible with the goal of finishing the lift with your ass squeezed hard.


Thanks a lot for that link. It is great and everybody should be checking it out.


Focus on sitting back more- trust me, it will have good effects.


Make that a very, very slow healer. It was about 8-9 months before my pull was pre-injury levels, 6 months for my squat. For the first 2 weeks afterwards, I couldn't even bench press because of the hip strain, I had to floor press instead. I could only do front split squats, seated leg curls, and bw back extensions for at least a month after, and it hurt to get in and out of my car for about that long too.


thanks a lot for all your input guys, i have already started mobility drills, we will see what they are gonna do :slight_smile: