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Deadlift Form - Lower Back and Hips Questions



About 3 month ago i saw my deadlift form, and it was BAD! From the beginning my upper and lower back was VERY rounded . My 1rm was easy 550lbs, the funny thing is that I never had any back pain but at the same time deadlift was for me very uncomfortable and i dont “feel it”, so i never push this lift hard.

Next session i tried to get more neutral back, but I couldnt, my mobility was horrible. So for the last 3 months I was trying to fix it. I did tons of mobility drills, lacrosse ball massage for hamstring/glutes (this helps me the most), RDL for stretch, rack pulls etc
I was so obsessed with proper technique, that within three months I did not do any heavy DL training. I was only able to think about proper form… and i still cant get straight back.

Today my friend told me that i should stop thinking about form, because my form improved A LOT, and i should focus on heavy training.

Ok below are my 2 singles from today session. Few notes:

  1. Im 6’3 300lbs
  2. I am droping my shoulders,and round my upper back purposely - this way i can keep more neutral lower back.
  3. Sorry for bad quality, and in the video i have very long shirt - my lower back is somewhere around belt :slight_smile:

Ok and few question.

  1. Is this lower back position acceptable? Can i pull heavier with that form?

  2. Starting position hips placement, should i keep hips higher? (video 2 - hips shot up at the beginning of pull)

  3. Does the movement looks fluid? Ok? Should i change something?

  4. Any other tips?

I THANK YOU all for your help

Set 1

Set 2


It llooks like you are rounding your lower back though not badly. 2nd video is much better IMO. I can also lift more when I get the back straight.


I used to deadlift with my lower back slightly rounded like that, it didn’t cause me any problems until one day when I’m pretty sure I herniated a disc. I could barely walk or do anything for about a week, had to train real light (like 60%) for about a month, wasn’t fun at all. I ended up switching to sumo because I can set up with a neutral spine, I was weaker at first but now my sumo DL is ahead of where my conventional was and my back is fine. You might be able to get away with the rounding, some people do and I thought I was one of them, just keep in mind that it is much higher risk that way.