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Deadlift Form Issues: Follow-Up Thread


I've been working on correcting my deadlift form and I recorded a couple more videos of light attempts trying to put together all of the advice I got:

Obviously some pretty light attempts (36% of my best 1RM), but I'll probably be working around this weight for a little while just trying to re-groove the motor patterns. I wasn't able to spot any problems aside from some cervical hyperextension, and a small "twitch" in my lumbar area before the first lift - I don't really know how to quite explain it, but it looked pretty minor and didn't happen in the other one.

I know I'm a lot less experienced than most of the people on here, so if anyone sees any issues with my current form, please let me know.

I also oriented my training around fixing my anterior pelvic tilt, because I think problems in my static posture point to obvious muscle imbalances. Almost all glute/hamstring and core training with a lot of stretching, soft tissue work, and mobility work. Also a lot of scapular work and rowing to help my back.

Thanks to everyone who gave me advice - a lot of it was really helpful (especially RhinoJockey's diagram!). I'm looking forward to being able to put up big numbers without contributing to imbalances and heading toward injury.


Looked fine. Put on a shirt, add some weight, and don't overanalyze it...


Your hips are starting a bit low, this will make you weaker when you add weight.


This. Raise your hips just a tad and it will be a good pull. Check out some of mark rippetoes videos on youtube. Nice improvements.


Thanks. I've read some of Mark Rippetoe's stuff, and he sure as hell knows the deadlift in and out. I will check those videos out.

I think the reason my hips are a little low is that I'm focusing too much on keeping my spine neutral - which is obviously good. I'll try to be conscious of my hips, in order to get them as high as I can while maintaining the neutral spine.

Honestly those were some of the first deadlifts I've ever done with an even remotely correct setup and positioning. I've been destroying my body by deadlifting wrong for well over two years, and within a week I've been able to almost completely fix it. I definitely couldn't have done that without a lot of help and imput from some experienced people. Thanks again everyone.