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Deadlift Form Help

Here’s the thing. I get as close to the bar as possible, I grab the bar, chest up, but my lower back just keeps curving. In order to keep ther lower back straight, i have to get really low, something like a clean. Also, getting that low low feels really unnatural.I have good form (straight lower back and all that stuff) up until 135 kg. from there is what you see in the video. any suggestions? also, i dont know if that matters, i am 1.90 (6’3’’)


Lose the shoes and drop your butt lower.

yeah, there’s a problem… ica nt, in order to drop it low enough to have my lower back straigth, at that time my knees are at almost 90 degrees…any exersices that will help that?

Move the bar out to about midfoot. When you get set, imagine pulling yourself underneath of the bar. This will cause your hips to go down, chest to come up, and the extra tension to be pulled from the bar. Practice just getting into this position. You’ll know you are there because you will feel a trmendous amount of tension in your hamstrings and the bar will be bent in your hands (because you will have pulled all of the slack out of the bar, which is causing your hips to shoot up in the video). Hold that postition for a split second then explode your hips forward and keep the weight centered on your heels, not the middle of your foot like you are doing in the video.

Muscles take time to develop tension. Especially in a relaxed/static overcome by dynamic exercise like the deadlift. Getting the slack out of the bar before you actually pull will have you developing the needed tension in your deadlifting muscles before you even pick the weight off the floor.

Not getting the slack out causes people to have 2 seperate pulling motions in the deadlift. The first pull involves the your bodies reaction to the slack hitting the weights. This is causing your arms to jerk and your hips shooting up first. The second pull is now a straight leg deadlift.

Also, definitely ditch the shoes for something flatter. Like chucks or cheap skateboarding shoes.

thx a lot for the help :smiley: