Deadlift Form Help with Low Back Rounding

I’m having trouble with low back rounding on the deadlift, and was wondering if you guys had any form tips or with set up to help thanks for the advice! Here is 375x11 reps. I tried focusing on bracing more this time, but that didn’t seem to help much. Thanks again

Dropping your hips more as you set up would probably fix a fair portion of the issue. Also try not having that rolling start, at least not until you’ve fixed the back rounding. Set up with the bar so where between right on your shins and mid foot, with your shoulders behind the bar. Point your ribcage at the floor and push hard off the ground through your heels WITHOUT letting your hips shoot up too early.

Scrape the bar along your legs pulling it back into you more than up. Drop the weight down and just do lots of three to fives until you’ve got the new technique down.

For assistance I’d recommend a bunch of GHRs. Back extensions and goood mornings wouldn’t hurt either, as well as heavy barbell rows with the torso fairly parallel to the ground.

Also, is there any particular reason you wear the belt so high? Where to out the belt is pretty personal so it isn’t for me to tell you to lower it but I doubt it’d hurt to try with the belt a little lower.

I’d also recommend avoiding touch and go DL until you’ve got your technique sorted, simply because it will give you more time to make sure you’re set just right for each rep if you go from a dead stop.

It’s not enough to brace, you need to actively keep a neutral back. Hips back, chest to the wall, then brace. It’s no good tightening up a sloppy position.

Now, it’s not uncommon for deadlift form to slip with high rep work, especially as hams fatigue but you showed issues from rep one.

I will use those cues for sure to help my form. I can totally see how getting my shoulders behind the bar and pushing off my heels and pulling the bar into me would help. Also, I’ll add in the assistance. I was maybe gonna try to have my hips higher because a powerlifting to win video said to, but I feel better trying having the hips lower and getting behind the bar. Mark Bell said to do that in a video.

I’m doing Leeman’s PROM program so that’s why I’m doing the high reps with touch and go. I also copied him with the belt position and I like it because it allows me to push my stomach into my thighs and belt at the same time and flex my lats more. I hate to be that douche who ask for advice then doesn’t take it, but I really don’t like breaking from a program, so I think I will use all of your cues today and do the scheduled 385lbs for ARP and I will record it. If form still sucks, I’ll go to lower reps and such like you suggested. I’ll post a video tonight.

Thanks a ton for the advice and cues, I will use them today.

Hey, if the belt position works for you there is zero reason to change it. Hope the cues help.