Deadlift Form Help Video

ok here’s my issue when i set up for my deadlift like around 85-95% i turn my deadlift into a back extension, i think my issues’ that my hips start TOO high when i deadlift. can you take a look @ the vids and correct my form? (the first vid is 340, the second is 360 for 2 and the 3rd is 225)

here is 360x2

here is what i feel was my best deadlift form wise-225lbs


You completely lose your lower back arch almost immediately on the two pulls above 300 pounds. Try to focus on keeping your chest up and pulling the weight back as opposed to straight up. It also looks like you have a very narrow stance, which might be forcing your hips to rise faster than your chest/shoulders.

I know that if I try to pull with a very narrow stance I can’t get into position to start the lift properly. It might be worthwhile to widen your stance slightly and possibly consider rotating your feet slightly outward.

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A) squeeze the bar off the floor - dont jerk - and pull BACK, not up. just like in the squat, if you chest doest rise at the start, youre fucked

B) you need to initiate hip drive. thrust forward with the groin and, before pulling, try straightening your legs then ‘diving’ into the lift

C) go to and read and watch everything they have about the deadlift

howd my third vid look?

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here’s one of my issues as well, i had acl surgery last year…

3rd vid was best, keep the weight on your heals and don’t jerk the weight up. When the bar gets to your knees thrust your hips forward. If you take a semi sumo stance, you will be able to keep your ass down more.

do you think moving my start position where i have the bar over my feet would help? ie from mid foot to touching the shins?

how did my start position look?

Your ass shoots up before the bar moves, so you gotta keep your back tighter (like previously mentioned)

Start pos on the 225 vid looked good, the heavier ones start position looked alright, but the instant you think of starting the pull, your back completely loses its arch.

Foot placememnt under the bar can be messed with, sure, just gotta start pulling back and not up. Imagine an atlas stone on your shoulders, that you want to roll down your back. When you lean back with the bar and your chest goes up, you’ll “rock” back into position, and lock it out.

inkaddict thanx for the visual que, im a visual learner soo sometimes alot of what gets posted on here advice wise doesnt make sense to me. do you think i should start with my shins touching the bar? were my hips TOO low on the 225 dead?

should i setup where i develop tension in my hamstrings? i dnt normally do tht, but when i do i feel tighter and the bar stays close

What caveman and ink said.

I think the best cue is to “pull the slack out” when you set up. Grip the bar, bring your butt down,pull your chest up by squeezing your lats and arch your lower back. That will make your whole posterior chain tight. Keep that position and squeeze the bar off the floor. Don’t jerk. When you jerk, like in the videos, you lose all tightness in your lower back.

For mew I find what helps pull the slack out of the bar is getting my hips set so my hamstrings are tight. Plus it keeps me from jerking the bar up and keeping my chest up… But I never use tht technique your saying I should?

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ohh oops… hey i uploaded a new vid to my youtube profile, can you check out my form now? i’ve tried pulling the slack out of the bar and everything but it just doesn’t feel right - YouTube

her is 305lbs (it doesnt budge) but i can kinda tell where im failing @ formwise - YouTube