Deadlift Form Critique

plz critique my deadlift form

i know the weight is pretty light but i have just started doing it, and im sorry for the poor quality but plz tell me what u think from what you can see.

some1 told me that the my shins arent vertical in the starting position and that is not good, but i havent heard about that…anyway the bar is too low for me to hold it when my shins are vertical…maybe when i start deadlift with 20 kg plates it will be high enough for me…
that do u think???

Looks OK but really you can tell you are not pushing your self at all its very easy to have great form with a very low load. we wont be able to tell much without you getting a load that causes you to work a little and Pull hard. you are doing the DL as a controlled move throughout do to the light load when its actually a very explosive move you are aiming to move the bar as fast as you can


I agree with Phill. Also, looks like 25s on there which means technially you’re pulling from a deficit. Once you get to 45s, the pull will be different.

Judging by that video, I’d say your knees are too far forward and you need to stick your ass out a little further so that you use the hips and glutes to lift more than squatting it up. Form looks good, but like Phill said, gotta have more of an effort to really see where your form will break down.

knees look alittle bit too far over the bar

ok, tnx guys,
ill post another video with more weight soon with shins just tauching the bar

with weight on the bar, when you are putting that bar down it is going to bang up your knees pretty good (you can see the bar bounce off the top of your knees in the vid). Stick your butt out (break at the hips) to lower until it gets past your knees then bend your knees and put it on the ground.

Just thought I’d point it out since it can be painful. That one took me a while to learn.