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Deadlift Form Critique?


Hi all,
Wondering if I can get some feedback on my deadlift form:

I feel good when I’m doing it, and doing my best to keep my back tight. When I watch the video, it feels like my legs are so straight, but when I’m actually doing it, I feel like I’m crouching quite far with them.
Thoughts? Thanks in advance.


It can get a bit quiet around here during the start of weekends. Some might say too quiet.

Not the best person to help you. I lift sumo and also have not been DL-ing long enough to give you the advice you need, but it looks like you are making yourself work harder than you need to with the bar. The bar is moving around too much, you can see it more as you do more reps, especially on the way down. But that’s actually good news, because once everything is tightened up, that 315 will feel like nothing.

Also on your first rep, you seemed to have engaged your shoulder blades/back, which is good, but other reps not so much. I know I have to think about setting every muscle, position, the bar, etc up all over, taking my time and breaths, again on each and every rep.

Anyway more folks around here will be able to help.


You are reseting after every lift good, your hips way lower than shoulder, good . You are not rounding much , good not bouncing weight.
You have a tall slender build this is your lift, do lower reps build power, do fronts same low reps and maybe leg press 4sets 10 , try getting hips lower each rep which you are trying , but when you go heavy rounding is a gimme .
Ed coan said when you start deadlift, you should be in position where if you let go of bar you would fall on butt, keep bar closer to body.