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Deadlift Form Critique

Am I squatting the weight up too much here as opposed to having my hips higher and using hamstrings more?

If so, how can I improve this. I have tried taking weight off and placing my hips higher but in order to keep a neutral spine they tend to sink back down.

No video is showing up on my end.

Oh, it is a .MOV taken on my iphone. I might need to change it to another file type. Do you know which ones work? Is AVI ok?

I usually upload to youtube then put it on here, but AVI will probably work.

I see video, it just happens to be upside-down. But it looks fine, your arch is maintained throughout the lift and your hips don’t look super low or super high.

Yup I see it now, had to switch to IE, wasn’t showing up on chrome, but yes it is upside down, youtube could fix that or flip the camera the opposite way next time you film on the iPhone.

Anyways form looked pretty spot on.

OK thanks guys, it was hard to tell when I viewed the video myself whether my hips were too low.

Sorry, yeah I didn’t realise when it was recorded but the camera was the wrong way around :S

no, the video is the right way up, it’s because he is in the southern hemisphere and we’re in the northern.