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Deadlift Form Critique


I have been deadlifting for some months now at home (to get in shape, which I obviously need, as you can see), trying to build up my technique. However, it seems like when I get to the better side of 100 kilos, my back starts to ache so strongly that I have to take a break of few weeks. I would be grateful if you guys could check my deadlifting form from the video and tell me what I could do to improve my deadlift.

Edit: apparently the video proportions got messed up while uploading the video - hope you can make something out of it anyway.


Lockout with your glutes, looks like back rounds litle, it's almost straight though so imo it doesnt look to bad.


X2 on lockout (which can lead to hyperextension, hence back pain); also it seems like hips are too low at the beginning and shoulders are too far behind the bar.

EDIT: It's a matter of personal choice, but I wouldn't do "touch and go" reps...rest the bar on the ground.


your back looks alright, but like everyone said, just lockout with you hips at the top. Also I think for a couple of reps, your knees weren't locked out either. So just lean back slightly if it helps to tighten and lock your glutes.


loose the gloves and wear some bigger shirts otherwise form looked good besides odd lockout which everyone already got


wear a belt. thatll really help, you back aint strong enough yet,

goodmornings might help too


I don't think a belt is necessary.. keep it light til you get form down, then go heavy.


When you do lift 100kg or more how much volume will you do? It might be more of a volume issue than a weight issue.


no belt, just follow the lockout suggestions as above.

Also, get yourself a foam roller and roll out before and after your dead sessions. leaning back on a foam roller to stretch your spine helps too. THese are all things that I do and continue to do before every dead session. I also do them many times a day many days a week.

You might also want to consider some back extensions. that will help with your lower back issues too.

best of luck man!!


It looks like you're using plates which are smaller than the standard 45lb or ... whatever the equivalent in kilos is.

If you are, then this is forcing you to go lower than a traditional deadlift, effectively making it more of a deficit deadlift.

As such, you tend to need to use a little more knee bend a leg drive.

Can you use some plates which are larger in diameter?


Thanks for all the helpful answers. I'll work on the lockout, and also keep an eye on the hip and shoulder position. I'll also try the foam roller thing.

Mrodock: I have been trying different programs, but when I've got back problems, I have been doing 2-5 series of 5 to 15 reps with 105-115 kgs (231-254 lbs).

Newdamage: I have also bigger plates with larger diameter, but I shot the video with the smaller ones to fully concentrate on the form.


But, by using smaller plates, you are increasing your range of motion as compared to a deadlift done with traditional size plates, and thus your form will also change.


You might try reading Cressey's 3 part deadlift series:


My non-expert, armchair-internet impression of your lift: it's not horrible.

The way you're lowering the weight (watch the bar path) reminds me of this video, but not as extreme:

You seem, on the way up, to be extending your knees before your hips come through. They should hit full extension at the same time.

You're stopping a bit short at top -- fix this by driving your hips fully through. If your hips are still back and you try to "lean back" you're just going to put strain on your low back and achieve an illusory ROM.

Not knocking your effort -- much easier for me to type this than for you to lift and put a vid up -- but that's what I see.


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dude, all i'm sayin' is that you are DEFINITELY not locking out at the top. you need to pull your back all the way back. you are stopping short, almost in the same way a person with a strong arm in baseball would shorten their range of motion. pull all the way back through, using your hips,....

and HUMP that barbell into submission. without extending the hips, you are NOT doing a true deadlift. you are doing killing your back.


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