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Deadlift Form Critique (Vid)


Keep in mind it's a max, I just want to make sure my form isn't complete shit. I see a lot of guys in the gym pulling 3-4 plates that would make your back hurt just watching, I just want to make sure I'm not one of those guys

Here's a vid from today, pulling 320. Been deadlifting for just a few months so not the greatest

I'm running a log right now where I post a vid every session of my top set for the compound lift of the day:


Thanks for any feedback!


EDIT: video finally works


first you spend way too much time fucking around, grip the bar get into position and pull. Second your hips rise way too fast you're basically doing a straight leg deadlift. Keep those hips down so your legs can help out on the lift.


Ditto on the hip rising very early. You were on the RDL position before the bar got to your knees.

But, spending time to "psyche yourself" up is not a bad idea. I personally just do the bar roll and pull. But hey, to each his own.


Your form need some work! Your hips rise very too early comparatively to your lower back. Try starting the lift with your ass lower and also imagine you are pushing your feet through the floor and not lifting just the bar. This will help you to use more leg so your hips does not rise too fast.


These are the things that I can either see or assume you could do better.
1. Hips are TOO high. Get them a little lower from your initial setup. The above poster was right, as that literally looked like an RDL to me.
2. Your shoulders are in front of the bar. Maybe it is the angle of the camera, but your shoulders look like they are in front of the bar.
3. You spend too much time at the bottom wasting your stretch reflex. I counted around 20 seconds. Do your psyching up before touching the bar.
4. Your lower back is not neutral when starting the lift. Develop more mobility.
5. You seem to be Jerking the weight off the floor. Ease pressure, then drive with the heels.

I recommend you typing in "deadlift" into the search engine and clicking on articles.


I think this post hits the nail right on the head. Let your quads do more work. It just looks like a straight leg deadlift. Also, make a point to keep your shoulders in line with or preferably behind the bar. And please, for the sake of yourself and what's left of your dignity, spend less time fucking around and more time lifting the weight, it's not a dance, it's a lift. If you're all squirmy because you need to take a piss, by all means, take a leak before you lift.


It seems there is a huge discrepancy between full deadlifts and rack pulls from looking at your log. 1x320 on deadlifts and 11x315(or the 3x365) on rack pulls from just below your knees doesn't seem right. Getting your squat numbers up should help get your deadlift strength up, especially since it looked like you had problems breaking the floor.


Wouldn't weak hamstrings be the main culprit in his hips coming up so fast.


Thanks everyone! I had already known my ass is too high, been trying to work on that lately. I'm kind of tall (6'1") so it's a real bitch to work with.

Definitely have some work to do, I'll be taking everyone's advice during my next session. I have a lot of shit run through my head while I'm down about to pull, helps get me motivated. I'll try to start thinking about that shit before I setup though lol.




What's wrong with his full DL to rack pull ratio? My full ROM deadlift is around 430, but I can pull over 500 from my knees without too much fuss. That seems about right, no?


Like everyone else said, don't spend so much time bent over the bar. There are a few things you need to work on technique wise. Rather than outline them all here, I would tell you to go to the Wild Iron Q&A thread and find the deadlift tutorial video. That should explain everything pretty well.


I posted this on a different thread but it works for this one too:

"Only real problem I see is the jerk right before you pull the weight. You dip down a little and try to get some stretch reflex out of an exercise that doesnt allow you to have one. When you do that little jerk at the bottom, deadlifting becomes 2 pulls. The first is the slight bend being pulled from the bar. The second pull is your actual deadlift. That little bit of wiggle in the bar before you start pulling needs to be pulled out before you actually begin your ascent.

Next time you go to pull, when you get set, literally pull yourself down to the bar and get that slack out. You'll know you are doing it right because you will feel the bar bend a little and you'll tension in your hamstrings before you even start the actual movement. Also, when you do start, the pull will be much more fluid and you'll be able to take advantage of all your leverages. That tension in your hamstrings will act almost like pulling back on a slingshot. The weight will fly off the floor.

I had the same problem for years. All thourgh 8 years of football and my first 2 years of competing. I changed it this past year and started working the slack out before my pulls and its taken my deadlift from 740 to 804.

Let me know if this helps!"

Everything said above is why your hips come up first.

And whoever said he was fucking around with the bar too much, x2.


For my short legs, just below my knees is not too far from a full ROM deadlift. Essentially being able to do 11 rack pulls with your 1RM doesn't seem right at least in my experience.


It's actually the opposite, because when you're doing a straight leg deadlift the majority of the work is being done by ur lower back and hamstrings. The problem is likely his quads are too weak so the majority of the load transfers over to his hamstrings.


I have a weak squat and numbers on the leg press, do you think that is a problem?

My best is 225 X 3 on squat, which is not far ahead of my bench lol. Does being tall just make everything a bitch pretty much? It seems like it to me


Exactly what I was thinking. This is as good of advice as you can get w/o getting a trainer.


Best thing you can do is find someone who knows what they are doing and can look at what your doing and help fix it as you go. there is really only so much advice we can give you and its hard for you to really fix what your doing wrong w/o someone there to tell you when your doing something wrong and fix it right then and there.


Lol, well while being tall may make it so you have to travel more distance, it also gives you a lot more leverage. I would say do some quad work. Especially squating. But make sure your form is good and start small. Do a weight that is easy for you while your body gets used to the excersize and the motions before you start pushing major weight. I find doing this with any complex exersise makes your numbers go up much faster later on down the road.


There is so much terrible information on this thread guys. Everyone is all over the place. Rack pull ratios and hieght dont have anything to do with anything. Leg press has nothing to do with squatting.

Here is the secret: When weights go up=good, when they dont=bad.


I was thinking along the lines of when your squatting and your hips come up to fast, it's usually because your hamstrings are weak and your body is trying to transfer the load to your stronger muscles (i.e. your back). I may be wrong though.

StormTheBeach any input on this, I trust you since you have such a big pull/experience.