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Deadlift Form Check

I can’t for the life of me get my hips to stop shooting up I noticed it last week on my heavy double and started working on it this week with speed work.

I tried a 100 different setups and I’m pretty sure my arms are just too short. And All my leverages are terrible. Short hamstrings, long quads, T. rex arms :cry:

I’m starting wonder if I should even deadlift anymore maybe switch to hex bar or sumo. I don’t compete or anything so I guess it doesn’t matter I just love keeping it simple with deadlifts

Any advice is appreciated

Heavy work last week


Speed/ tech work this week


Idk what this was :joy:


I reckon you are getting in your own head a bit. The very first rep of the heavy set looked good after your hips shot up - that is your starting position.


I can’t seem to get my hips any higher at the start. Brought my stance in, grip in, and grab with my finger tips to extend my arms as much as I could.

I just don’t like the inconsistency I know it’s nothing too major though

I’d like to see your deadlift from the side because it looks like you’re starting with your knees too far forward at setup, and then they shoot back (and hips come up) before you’re actually moving the weight. Your body geometry means you’ll need to have your hips higher than most to begin the lift but it shouldn’t be the end of the world.

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Your hips shoot up and making you use lower back and hamstrings to pull the weight. It’s minor, but a couple things could help:

  1. Your quads are a weak point. Do back squats 2x a week, (low reps/high sets one day, high reps/low sets second day) and do paused squats or front squats (moderate reps and sets) after your deadlift.
  2. Widen your stance a little. This will give the quads a more advantageous position to engage and won’t burn out as quickly during the lift.
  3. Que knees and hips to fire at the same time.
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For your chosen technique and leverages your hips are shooting up because the higher position is mechanically advantageous i.e. where they are strong.

If you force your hips too low at the start for your individual structure you’ve got no leverage there so they rise automatically kinda like your body finding the path of least resistance.

If you wanna get rid of the hips rising at the start you are gonna have to learn to deadlift right way for yourself and your body structure. Probably means starting your hips closer to the height they shoot up to.

Weightlifters pull off the floor with relatively upright postures one purpose. Sacrificing efficiency from a deadlift perspective in order to gain better positioning for the next phase of their clean jerks / snatches. For powerlifting deadlift purposes you’ll rarely see someone pull efficiently in those positions though there are some freaky leverages around. Sumo can get u upright also.

The fix is pretty much to deadlift properly lol. Main things would be to get the bar over midfoot at the start, activate ur lats / back tightness, shoulder/scapula positioning over the bar at the start position, proper breathing/bracing and pulling slack/hip hinging/tension in your posterior chain

Is worth noting that many lifters at all levels are successful with pronounced hip shoot at the start. Technically is less efficient but some lifters find it works better for them for various reasons. So u May not need to fix it at all or maybe only to a small degree

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High hips are not necessarily a bad thing. The way Chris Duffin and the other Kabuki guys explain it, you want your hips as close to the bar as possible while being as high as possible. If you hips are too low there is no tension in your hamstrings and it will be like a half squat instead, that’s not what you want.

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I think you’re jerking the bar off the ground too

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That’s a lot to take in thanks lol

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Not sure if you’ve seen Guinea’s log but the dude is awfully strong - definitely do as much as you can to take it all in. You’re already decently strong with not optimal form and could definitely jump quite a bit by getting things in order. Definitely keep posting videos and letting us help.


I appreciate everybody’s help for sure! I guess that’s why they say it takes 1 hour of work and 4 hours of study to be good at something. I’m going to keep working on it