Deadlift Form Check

Feel most of the weight in my back not in legs
basically i think pull it with my back
I do deadlift only on my back workout
form is good or not?

I don’t know why, but vimeo is always problematic for me. Care to upload it to YouTube? Hope others won’t have a problem

is it working?

Yup! I’ll let the more experienced members do the talking. Just wanted to point out that it may not play for others, and you might not get as much advice if people aren’t able to watch it

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I’m just another beginner, but i’ll take my guesses. First, i watched athean-x’s video deadlift checklist for form. Second, personally for me i like to start on the ground, and i take a second between every rep to make sure i’m set and make sure i’m tight, and just from what i can see in the vid i think that might help you a bit. It looks like you might be rounding a bit at the bottom and your shoulders are pulling forward. I take that second, make sure the bar is in place, get my upper back tight, get my lats tight, keep my chest out.

Pretty sloppy. If your goals are to get strong and build as much muscle mass as possible with the movement while staying injury free:

Hinge/move at the hips mostly. Your back is bending and straightening when it should be a solid stable segment.

Probably pause at the top of each rep, lower the weight a bit slower and focus on keeping the bar in contact with your body throughout by flexing your lats. Going a bit slower will help with developing good technique and consistency of movement. Technique takes time to develop especially if you are unlearning poor technique. Give yourself some time to work on it and return for more feedback

Vids that will help u:

Good luck